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How to Increase Your Level in RuneScape

RuneScape is a popular multiplayer online RPG taking place in the Middle Ages. After playing for a while, you will probably want to become a premium subscriber. Owners of a paid account can build more houses, explore more locations, and pump more abilities. Today we will talk about how you can boost your skills in RuneScape and increase your chances to win.

Follow the Directions in the Game

A lot of instructions will appear on the screen. They will tell you how to talk with Researcher Jack, open the quest log, and pick up a few coins from the floor. You should complete all the introductory tasks if you have never played this game before, just to understand how everything works. If you need help in the process of completing tasks, open the journal and select the tab Tips.

Do the Tasks – Get Rewards

Try simple quests in Lumbridge and Draynor. They will help you to increase your level that will help you on a long journey. Do not forget to take rewards from those who give you tasks or buy RuneScape gold that can be further used for diverse purposes. For dota 2 mmr boost click here.

Although there is no clear goal in the game, there are some things that will bring you more profit than others:

  1. To get started, visit Bob’s Axes and pick up the free bronze ax and pickaxe.
  2. Find the second level goblins and start the destruction process. An ax is the recommended weapon for this, but you can also use a pickaxe with similar success. If you select the Hack type of attack, your level of attack will increase with each kill. If you Slash opponents, your strength will increase, and the Block will increase your defense.
  3. It’s a good idea to join the clan, as people in these clans are likely to be at higher levels and will help you if you have any difficulties.

Follow Your Health Level

Health levels will decline in the battle. After a few minutes of fighting, you will lose a lot of health. If you have less than 15% of health, stop fighting! Turn on the running mode in the upper right corner of the screen and run to a place where there are no enemies. Your character will become more persistent and strong with boosting your level. The best way to restore health is to eat. At this point, you will discover the importance of the following four skills:

  • Cutting down trees. To start the healing process, use an ax to cut down a tree. You only need one tree, but you can cut down two to keep the fire.
  • Fishing. To catch fish, first, visit the Lumbridge fishing tackle shop and get a free sample of the crayfish cage.
  • Making a fire. Grab a free tinderbox from a store in Lumbridge. Then click on the tinderbox in the inventory and click on the logs to light a fire.
  • Cooking fish. By this time, your health could fully recover. It’s okay, the food you cook will be used later.

Keep safe and boost your skills to become a real professional.

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