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Affordable ways to protect Your Car

Protecting your car will ensure that it looks good at all times and that will also prevent it from any damage. A liquid rubber spray paint is an effective and easy way to protect the exterior. By reading the car manual, and getting professional advice at the garage, you will be able to take care of your car. Remember, it is also important to follow the car maintenance tips, and to ensure that you visit the garage as per the requirements. Even minor car problems can create major problems in the long run that have the potential to lead to additional high cost repairs and maintenance. A few tips can help you to protect your car.

Here are some of the affordable ways to protect your car.

1. Protect the car from exterior damage

To protect the car from external damage, you need to ensure that there is safe parking at all times. Please also ensure that there is a cover on your parking so that you can protect the car from the sun, rain, or wind damage. Any dropping objects can also not damage the car if you park it in such a parking lot. Do not also park the car under trees. Trees are habitats for birds that can litter your car with droppings. Besides, sap from trees and leaves will also litter the car surface. It is also good to keep some paper towels in your car so that you can wipe off any dirt on the glass or any other surface of the car to avoid stains. Another tip is to avoid driving behind heavy trucks. On bad roads, the trucks may hit the rocks, and splash them on your windshield or any other part of the car causing dents. It is also advisable to avoid driving on gravel as the same can cause rock chips that can damage the car. As much as possible, park uphill. That way, runaway objects such as shopping carts or any other objects do not hit your car. Always opt for a backyard parking space where your car is hidden from the general public. That way, you can avoid common accidents that happen in the front parking lot. You should also consider installing bonnet protectors to avoid damage to the car from minor accidents on the front.

2. Paint the car

Select the right coat of paint to use on your car. Experts recommend the use of liquid rubber paint as it helps to coat and seal various parts as per the requirement, protects the car surface, and also adds grip. When you coat your car with rubber paint, it will be UV, abrasion, and corrosion-resistant. That way, your car will remain to look new for longer. Remember to also wash with the appropriate car shampoo and rinse off well so that the color does not fade easily. Ideally, you should wash your car when it’s dirty, but even though it’s not, ensure that you wash it thoroughly every two weeks. After cleaning the car, remember to check for bumps. Do not scratch the bumps with sharp objects as that will damage the car exterior. Instead, opt for clay.

3. Polish and wax the car regularly

Before you buy the polish, check out with the car dealer for recommendations. You should follow the instructions manual to ensure that you are doing it the right way. Wax helps to protect the car, and you should thoroughly apply it to the car using the wax pad. Ensure that the wax is distributed evenly. You may then use a microfiber cloth to remove excess wax. You will notice a shiny clean surface if you follow the right procedure of polishing and waxing your car. If you cannot do it yourself, you can get it done by

4. Take care of the car interiors

Depending on the type of material used for interiors, ensure that you clean regularly, and with the right products. A handheld vacuum can help to remove dust and dirt in the car. Do not forget to clean the windows with an effective window cleaner. Some people opt to cover the seats and the floor to protect it. The seat covers and car parts are easier to wash hence it is easier to maintain a clean car. Invest in a good windshield as well. That way, you can protect the dashboard from sun damage. When buying a windshield, check out for the right size, and the right material. You may get one from the local auto spare parts shops.

Remember the basic car maintenance tips for cleaning the car regularly, and visiting the garage. As much as possible, you should also avoid commercial car wash because the detergents they use may be substandard and they are also not thorough in their work.

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