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The Top 6 Fashion Tech Companies You Need to Know About

The breakneck pace of innovation in the fashion tech world is exciting for all you fashionistas. Among the dozens of fashion tech startups and SMBs that have made news in the recent years, a few have actually touched the lives of dandies and divas like they meant to. Here’s a shout out to all these bands. We’ve brought together skincare device makers, boutique aggregators, 3D printers and designers, and AI powered apps in to this list; read on.

VOJD Studios

3D printing joins hands with high end fashion at VOJD Studios. This Berlin based studio has been making waves in the fashion-tech circle for some time now, primarily by challenging the traditions and rules of design, and leveraging 3D printing to transform its ambitious prototypes into real products. The studio aims to bring a new dimension of aesthetics to luxury fashion. Among its long list of clients that are premier fashion labels space – Alexander McQueen and Loewe.


This Swedish fashion products manufacturer has literally owned the professional and personal fashion market with its vast range of high tech facial cleaning brushes, eye massagers, sonic toothbrushes, and sonic electric toothbrushes. The LunaTM, launched in 2013, continues to be a groundbreaking and supremely popular device. The Foreo luna pro 2 electric facial cleansing device is their most popular device that appeals to people with all skin types, and does a great job at improving skin complexion within only a few days of use. By removing blemish-causing impurities from the skin’s pores, the Luna also improves the effectiveness of all other facial creams you use.


Beyond wearable tech and 3D printing, Narrativ is all about building a better Internet for fashion shoppers and sellers. At its core, Narrativ is about connecting fashion shoppers and sellers via high performing web content. Narrativ’s Smartlink Technology lets retailers bid on the hyperlinks in high performing (on search engine results) content from publishers. New York Magazine experienced a 250% improvement in content clicks, thanks to a campaign powered by this technology. The cost per click model has helped Narrativ be profitable, and it has been so more than a year already. This is pretty impressive, considering it was founded as recently as in 2015.


Here’s a unicorn (yeah, it’s valued at more than $1 billion) on the list. Farfetch brings together more than 300 international boutiques under one digital roof. Because most of these fashion boutiques are independent, Farfetch appeals to the fashion sensibilities of experts, self proclaimed style icons, as well as designers. Shop for the most uniquely designed apparel and accessories from Italian boutiques, get exclusive access to the best of French designs – all this and more, at Farfetch.


Launched in London in 2017, this startup intends to leverage AI to provide a personal stylish to every one of you. The Intelistyle app allows users to browse through clothes from their own wardrobes, as well as several online stores, and suggests superb outfit ideas from these. AI, fashion photography analysis, and a complex algorithm based on 256 design variables – all these ingredients go into the making of Intelistyle. The founders suggest that the app performs with 80% accuracy in comparison to human stylists. Of course, for the fashion enthusiasts, it’s way more affordable than a personal stylist.


Founded back in 2004, CuteCircuit is touted as the world’s first wearable technology fashion brand. It certainly walks the talk, and has built the world’s first internet connected clothing. Among the celebrity names associated with the brand are Fergie, U2, and Irina Shayk. Among its product superstars are Hug Shirt, the world’s first haptic top. Also, the Galaxy Dress continues to be the dress with the world’s largest illuminated display. Recent collaborations with established fashion labels such as Converse and Chanel showcase that the time is right for CuteCircuit to leap into the higher quarters of success.

Though there’s a lot of action in the fashion-tech world, the question is – who can create value-adding products and services, and do sell them profitably? The 6 brands we’ve covered in this list have got their formulas right. Expect a lot more from all these fashion tech companies in the times to come.

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