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Impact of Artificial Intelligence in App Development World

With Apple and Google announcing high neural dominance in their upcoming smart devices, a rapid shift in App development is expected. Transforming our lives significantly AI Apps like Siri, Google Assistant and more have penetrated deep into our routine life.

In the clash of smart device titans – Apple and Google, AI strategy is being developed towards edging humans towards wellbeing and Artificial Intelligence is the driving force.

The smart device hardware and AI are evolving at a rapid pace. With the handshake of the two, our mobile phone has become smarter and efficient. Different Apps based on machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning are being developed to transform the user experience with mobile devices. Like Google Allo that allows users to change voice to text using the natural language processing.

Self-learning and intelligent apps are offering higher engagement and that is why the business fraternity is also edging towards offering audience AI-powered Apps. The widespread adoption of AI in the mobile app development landscape is impacting the role of AI in the App development world. AI Apps like Cortana that allows its users to track important files, images, and videos quickly and smartly is inspiring enough. While the users are prepping up to face off with the smart Apps, IoT is changing on the App development front. Let us see what is brewing in the developer community:

The new phase of growth

The world overall has been divided over the advent of AI into our lives. While some expect AI software’s and tools to replace humans and make them jobless, the things seem to be rosy for the App developers. AI Apps are capable of driving tremendous traffic as they offer personalization. So an AI is not only interactivity but engaging too that ensures the users do not uninstall the App.

Such Apps are causing a lot of traction in the business market and the fraternity is moving towards a newer generation of App opening up better growth opportunities for App developers. With artificially intelligent algorithms, the Apps meet the user demands as well as increase the revenue figures.

As wide as the adaption of AI-powered Apps has been, it has been serving mankind in an entirely new found light. Imagine an AI App that makes the smartphone camera intelligent and helps a visually challenged person. The camera talks audibly about what it sees and thus becomes the third eye for the blind. Such Apps that are driven by AI are a boon to mankind and are changing the pace at which the Mobile App development industry is growing.

IoT Apps

2018 is going to be the year of the technology revolution. With the advancements in IoT and AI, the Mobile devices making these technologies usable, are becoming the part of our routine life. The home gadgets, automated cars and all need IoT to operate in a synchronized manner.  IoT is expected to connect 25 billion devices across the globe and all this will have to be driven from an Artificial Intelligence App that learns the user behavior and tries to engage with the devices in a similar pattern.

IoT is another driving force that is pushing AI into mobile Applications. Currently, the assistants like Siri and Google Assistant are used to invoke other applications like camera and calling to reduce the effort of the users. Deep learning and natural language processing adept Apps are now the demand of the time and users need them for ease of use and comfort.

Increasing Demand for efficiency

Have you ever tried a food App that places your frequently ordered items on top of the menu? What it actually does for you is it saves the time and effort, makes you able to place a quick order while you are driving. AI is all about bringing personalization and that is what delights the App users. Alibaba’s new App has an intelligent recommendation engine that offers you purchase suggestion on the basis of the products in your cart. All this is happening in real-time and it is encouraging sales for organizations. Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in bringing users and enterprises closer and that is why the need of AI Apps is increasing and the App developers need to rise and meet the requirements.

Big Data Revolution

Now any enterprise wants to leverage the power of Big Data. There are multitudes of channels to collect user data, their personal choices, shopping behavior and more. What to do with this data? AI Apps are making value out of the immense amount of data that is present in today’s world.  Advanced AI algorithms powering Mobile Apps are quick and efficient and help business decipher the user intent and nudge the strategies towards a win-win scenario.

Value Addition

Most of the businesses are being highly enthusiastic towards the adoption of AI. While Mobile devices are part of everyone’s lives, the business wants to render more value to the users lives by offering smart, hassle-free AI-powered Apps that understand the user behavior and make the business grow faster.

To Wrap

As per a study by Deloitte group, around 65% of the smart device owners have encountered AI App with or without knowing about it. The growth is overwhelming and the business fraternity is eager to keep pace with the growing needs and popularity of artificial intelligence Apps. AI makes the App experience relatable to the specific user bringing in more value to the App and making the entire phenomena more significant.

AI is offering business a new dimension to cut through the competitive clutter and espouse a new found growth by being closer to users powered by AI Apps. A near perfect way to generate traction, AI is the way to engage millennials who spend more time over smart devices making purchases, reading the news or playing games.

The AI has established a strong ground for itself and the developers who incorporate AI elements in the Apps are bound to go beat the competition and achieve better engagement and retention rates.

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