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All that you need to know about ZeroNet

Do you want to use a web platform where you can access the uncensored content keeping your privacy intact? If your answer is yes, then you should explore ZeroNet. It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer web platform that protects the privacy of internet users and encourages the distribution of uncensored content by using BitTorrent Network and Bitcoin cryptography. Its programming is built in Python and based in Budapest, Hungary. The best part about ZeroNet is that its uncensored content cannot be deleted as the websites that are present on this platform are managed by the visitors so there is no chance that content will ever go down.

How does this web platform work?

ZeroNet works this way: when any person creates a website on ZeroNet, it provides him access to two keys:

  • private key
  • public key

Private Key

Private Key is accessible to the person to create new content for his website. It has no central registry.

Public key

Public key gives authority to anyone to check whether the website was originally designed by you. This kind of verification helps the person to download a file without any malicious code.


Following are the benefits of ZeroNet:

  • Free website can be hosted using ZeroNet

One of the benefit of the ZeroNet is that anyone from any part of the part of the world can host a free website using this web platform called ZeroNet. And anyone can visit your website on ZeroNet. When anyone visits your website on ZeroNet, the website gets automatically stored there on the computer of a user.

  • Websites under this network are always online

Another benefit of ZeroNet is that the websites that are a part of this web platform are always online. There is never a time where you find websites under this network offline. There is not even a time when these websites go down. They are neither offline nor down, which is amazing. They provide an opportunity to the user to visit them even if the host of that particular website is offline as long as the details of that particular website are stored into your computer. This also shows that it is impossible to close the websites on the ZeroNet.

  • Multi-user sites

Another benefit of ZeroNet is that it provides an opportunity to the site owner to explain per-file permissions which enables the users to post upvotes and comments without taking permission for it from the site owner but site owner has a previlege over users in this way that he can limit the total size of a user file or the type of the files uploaded by the user.

  • SQL database

One of the most important benefits of ZeroNet is that it has both P2P data synchronization and SQL server which simplifies the process of development and increases the loading speed of websites.

  • OpenProxy support

Another advantage that ZeroNet has on other webplatforms is that it has an OpenProxy support system which lets you browse and interact ZeroNet websites without installing or downloading any of these tools.


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