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Published on April 12th, 2020 | by Ali Dino


Jazz – Is it the BEST Telecom Company of Pakistan?

Today our agenda is to talk about a telecom operator of Pakistan know as Jazz or sometimes called Mobilink as well. The topic will be, is it a good company? What are the pros and cons of it? Should you use it, or are we fan of this operator? All of these are going to be discussed today. Let’s get into straightforward:

First, we are going to talk about the packages, and in packages, we are going to give a touch-first to jazz SMS pkg because I am personally a fan of jazz SMS packages. I use it, and the good news is I am using this Jazz sim for the last five years. So, who can write better reviews than me? No One, Indeed. The Mobilink SMS package is cheap, with a lot of better quality. So, Jazz won it.

Now let’s talk about the call bundles. I am not going to go with Jazz in the call rates. It is a super expensive sim if you want to use it to talk with your loved one whole day or night. Jazz has some bundles as well, but I would say NO to their call offers because of their rate per minute.

Don’t do me wrong! Their signal quality is better and works almost every here, but the reason with which I won’t go now is the prices of their call. That’s enough for the call let’s move further.

The internet of Jazz, I mean Jazz 4g is such an awesome way to communicate with the whole world, browse the internet and do video chatting with your friends, family, and colleagues from all around the world while using apps like google Due and WhatsApp.

It is Jazz claim that they are the best and twice winner of the Ookla internet speed award. I have used their internet as well. At the start it was not that much better but now they are in the game really and doing some awesome stuff! So now let’s summarize it in bullet points:

  • Jazz is better in SMS packages.
  • Impressive signal strengths.
  • Twice winner of the Ookla Award winner.
  • Being one of the oldest and with a lot of customer telecom operators.
  • Call rates are not good – It’s quite expensive.

That’s it about the Jazz. I tried to summarize all the main points of Mobilink so that you would know how it is the best telecom operator in Pakistan.

One thing which you may have also noticed as a user of telecom companies of Pakistan or in specific to Jazz that now people don’t use SMS a lot. I mean text simple SMS which they used to send a lot. Somewhere sending the Quotes and somewhere sharing some sort of love poetry.

That is not now available in the market of SMS maybe because of the Internet or in specific because of Facebook & WhatsApp where now you can send multimedia messages. Such as images, videos, Gifs and etc.

A lot of you may be against me with this regard that the text messages are not destroyed by these multimedia apps. All have their own observations that how to do and what is wrong or correct. I shared my observation with you people and please share your observation with me in the comment box below. We are very serious regarding the views and concepts of our readers.

As I said earlier that Mobilink is not such a good telecom company in regard to the prices of Call rates because it is expensive in comparison to other telecom companies. It doesn’t mean that if you are the Jazz user so you won’t get signals of it on famous areas or cities of Pakistan. You would get the signal there is no issue with those. All I am talking here is the Call rates.

I am not going to talk again about the internet features because already we have covered a lot of it. All I would say just subscribe to any jazz internet package and check yourself that how it Is because they are claiming that they are the winner of two times. So, let’s see this time by your own test that how it performs.

In order to compare them all, you have to do is just bring other telecom companies sims or users and compare them. Search on all telecom operators and see which one performs the best and who won the contestant. All the data is going to be in front of you and know you are the contestant and you are the judge as well.

What I would recommend to all of you is that I don’t only believe in my review. I strongly recommend buying one Jazz sim and use it for the month or twice after that you are going to agree with me on this review. BTW if I would rate this company, I will give him 8 out of 10.

Or are you the one who has experience of Jazz already? Then please let us know by commenting below what is your point of you about this website. And share this review on social media with all your friends and colleagues.

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