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Chrome Virus on Your Mac: Detecting and Deleting

Needless to say, the Internet gives all of us almost unlimited possibilities to do various things, from shopping to distance learning. Unfortunately, there is a bad side to it: when you surf the Internet, it’s simple to get different viruses that can damage and/or steal important data from your Apple device. There are many Mac users who get the Chrome virus that causes some problems. In this article, we are going to tell more about this virus and give some tips on how to avoid it.

What is the Chrome Virus and Why I Should Avoid It?

The Chrome virus is a sort of malicious browser made by hackers using the original code from Chrome. It worlds by overwriting the original Chrome browser and placing fake shortcuts instead of its original ones. Besides, it may automatically change the default search engine of the computer, so you’ll be redirected constantly to odd results you never wanted to search. Apart from it, this virus may control all the applications and extensions on the computer.

In fact, there are several ways how this persistent virus can get on the Mac device. For example, when you download some files on a low-trusting website, there is a chance to get malicious software hidden inside the file. Another way is when you get a fake message that suggests updating the device and installing new software that contains a secretly bundled virus. Some users can get this virus with an email attachment that also contains the hidden malware software. In some situations, you may not suspect that you have downloaded a virus because it shows up a bit later.

Chrome Virus’ Main Symptoms

So, how can you get to know about the virus? Everything is simple: you will start noticing the one or even several signs listed below:

  • You may find out that the default homepage of Chrome became different without you knowing.
  • Check out the search page: it may be changed when you try to open a new tab.
  • When you try to see the history, you may find some odd search results you’ve never even searched for.
  • When you are online, the biggest number of persistent ads are shown in the browser.
  • The device itself became slow lately and you see the high usage of its CPU even if you do nothing.
  • You get some restrictions for using installed apps on the device.

If you get any or all of these signs, you will have to delete the virus from the Mac. It’s easy to do it using reliable antivirus software downloaded from well-trusted sources.

What to Do if I Have Got a Chrome Virus?

First of all, do not panic because it’s possible to get rid of most viruses by detecting and then deleting them. Needless to say, you can do it manually but of course, the most reliable way is to use good antivirus software that can make everything automatic and fast. You can find a wide range of such programs to use on the Mac without stress. Some users still think that Apple devices do not need any protection, but it’s not true. Any computer cannot protect your data without a reliable antivirus program. With well-trusted software, you can scan the device regularly and detect all the viruses automatically. All detected threats can be removed fast and easily. It’s easy to keep things under control without giving viruses any chance to appear on the Mac.

Do you need more tips on removing the virus? Feel free to read more about deleting Chrome malware successfully.

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