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Published on April 30th, 2018 | by Vikram Srikumar


Best 7 Tips to Get More Traffic from your Video Contents

Video marketing has the same quintessential purpose as textual content marketing, search engine optimization and social media management among other strategies. It is purposed to generate more traffic to your website. You may need more leads, sales, subscriptions or all of these and more.

Video marketing is a form of content marketing. It can be more effective than textual content marketing but only when you get it right. Here are seven tips to get more traffic from your video contents.

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You should have a call to action in your videos. You should also mention this in the description of your video. It doesn’t matter where you are uploading the video and what all you are doing to promote it. If there is no call to action, then most viewers will not do anything after watching the video.

The call to action can be to subscribe to your channel, to provide their email address and sign up for newsletters, to follow your profiles on social media or it could be to go to your website to avail a particular offer. Whatever call to action is relevant for you should be clearly mentioned in the video and in the description.

You should have a playlist on your website, video sharing sites such as YouTube and anywhere else where you may be uploading your videos. Having a playlist is quintessential because you would want to entice a viewer to check out more content. Not everyone will watch a video and subscribe immediately.

Not everyone would be impressed enough to check out more information you may have to share on your website. You will need an impressive playlist to keep the audience captivated and to intrigue them further.

You need regular uploads. Many companies invest in video contents but they are so irregular that people forget they have a presence on video sharing websites and that perhaps there is a video blog on their website. The avid users of internet, social networks and social media are always looking for new contents. They would turn to whoever is providing that. You cannot have one upload a month.

Some companies can benefit from one upload every week but even that needs to be plugged smartly and re-plugged often.

Video contents must be effectively promoted. Many companies upload their videos and expect their target audience to check out the content. It doesn’t work that way. Videos should be promoted on social media, official website, through various channels in a content distribution network and other platforms.

Even if videos are well optimized, they need to be circulated using all available mediums. To boost the views, you can buy real YouTube comments spending some from your marketing budget. By this, your video contents will rank higher on the YouTube.

Video marketing can be a powerful tool in the right hands. Not everyone knows the art and science of video marketing. Producing a video may not seem to be an uphill task but creating and marketing a video that generates enough traffic is definitely a challenge.

You should collaborate with experts to come up with a sound video marketing strategy. The videos need to be compelling, they should stand out, they must be advertised well and they should be able to initiate an engagement.

If you have viewers simply watching your video and not liking, commenting or sharing it, then the whole endeavor is basically a failure. Video contents must be professionally developed, right from the scripting and storyboarding to quality edits and smart branding.

You have to carve out a niche for your brand. You cannot produce all types of videos. You cannot be all over the place trying to create diverse types of contents without any crux holding everything together. If you explore the most popular video bloggers and the most subscribed channels on sites like YouTube, then you would see they have a dedicated niche.

The producers and the stars of those channels don’t claim to offer a mishmash of entertainment or information. They are an authority in one discipline or subject, product or service and they continue to amaze their viewers or target audience in that particular niche.

Finally, you should make it apparent that your viewers will benefit by exploring your website. The simple fact must be conveyed that the official site has more information and that there are some sought after rewards. If you provide all the information you want to share in your videos, then there is no reason for a viewer to check out your website.

If you don’t have any rewards for the target audience to go to your actual website, then they would not bother to make an effort. There has to be a convincing reason why the viewers would spend more time to check out your website.

This reason must be conveyed in the video, even if the visual contents are more informative than promotional. Not all prods need to be about sales. The prompts can appeal to the pursuit of or need for information.

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