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How to best use LinkedIn as a source to generate leads for your business?

If you are doing just what everyone else is doing, then how would the outcome be different from the others? If you wouldn’t tread on a new path, how would you get an idea of what awaits you there?

When it comes to doing business, you have to take risks and explore new avenues of growth. Marketing is no different. The competition on social media is so intense that it is easier to get unnoticed rather than getting noticed.

The trick to surviving is to keep looking for new platforms where you can promote your business. There are several platforms for that purpose, but LinkedIn is the most underrated one. A good LinkedIn post can give you good returns.

People have a very constrained view about what LinkedIn is and what it is supposed to do. No! It’s not only to look for a job. It is way more than that. If you want to get authentic, long-living leads, you need to leverage the power of LinkedIn.

Here are some fantastic LinkedIn lead generation tips that can help your business grow in the age of fierce competition.

Create Personalized Connection Request

On LinkedIn, just like Facebook, there are various search filters. These filters are used to dig into the lives of professionals. Where they lived, which school they attended, what their interests are, etc. You can use this information to personalize the connection request.

Let’s say that you’ve filtered out some CEOs in Canada. Now, instead of sending a pre-baked template to them, study their profile first. Are they interested in an upcoming event? Break the ice with a question that will engage them.

When you start the conversation with something that they care about, they will surely consider doing business with you. Once the conversation starts, it’s easy to pitch the product.


Become a thought leader

LinkedIn may be for professionals, but it’s a social network too. Here, you can become a part of groups that are relevant to your industry. You can answer questions in these forums to get your voice out there.

Don’t focus too much on your company. It’s not a sales pitch. You are building authority on LinkedIn so that people can come to you with their problems.

You must mindfully answer the queries. The goal is to help people resolve their issues. The best thing about LinkedIn is that B2C Marketing and here peoples are professional and mature. People are either looking for a job or seeking help – a product/service that can make their life easy.

So, if you have some unique insight or you’re proffering a novel solution to a problem, there is a considerable chance that you can engage the audience on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a most popular online platform to join with the world’s professionals. If you are concerned about the growth, you may try to buy Linkedin followers.


Use trigger events to engage with your connections

Not everyone will be ready to talk about your services immediately. But maybe they will need your service in the next 6-8 months.

Your goal is to stay in their mind when they need your service. It means engaging with them at the right moment.

One effective strategy to be in their mind is to use trigger events. These are situations in which the other person is comfortable engaging with you. Here are some of the situations which can help you to engage and re-engage people:

  • Engage with a like, comment, or sharing their post.
  • Publishing an article on LinkedIn
  • Posting a status update
  • Congratulating on switching a job
  • Appreciate them on their success.

By engaging at trigger moments, it will be easy for you to stay in their memory, and you’ll be at the top of their mind when the right time comes. Till then, you need to stay in front of them and help them realize that you are willing to help them.

In short, you need to treat the customer with respect, love, and care before you pitch them. When they come back to you, then you can resolve their problem. It will not just boost your sales and will develop a bond of trust between you and the other person.

Hashtags will enhance your online presence

When you post an update on LinkedIn, you can add a hashtag with it. It allows users to search on a specific topic even if they don’t want to follow any influencer. Also, when you write an update, the LinkedIn algorithm suggests a hashtag for the update. Choose the right hashtags that are relevant to your post.

Moreover, you’ll be able to see the number of followers each hashtag has so that you can decide whether it is appropriate for your outreach or not.

Don’t ignore the analytics

With every LinkedIn update, you’ll get analytics. This information will help you to know more about what customers prefer and what the best time to post an update is.

Don’t ignore the analytics. Use them for your benefit. You’ll get audience insights, location of your audience, and with this information, it will be easy to edit your updates so that you can reach more people.


Leverage LinkedIn Groups

One of the best LinkedIn lead generation techniques is to join the groups. In these groups, you’ll be able to interact with authority figures from other organizations. They are the decision-makers of the organization. You can directly pitch them and help them to resolve their issue.

There are dedicated LinkedIn groups for every kind of business; conglomerates, small business, startups, etc. In these groups, you’ll be able to build a network of people who might help you get some good leads.

Stay active in the groups. Like, share, interact with people, and, from time to time, share a post, write a blog, or share some valuable insight. When people see that you have their best interest in mind, they will seek your help.

In the end

The great thing about LinkedIn is that not many businesses are using it to generate leads. There is a lot of untapped potentials that can help small businesses to leverage the power of LinkedIn.

You can connect with clients and build a network of friends that can help you get more business. Using LinkedIn groups to advertise your business is also an effective strategy to generate direct leads for your business. It is a medium to build meaningful connections with people who are professional and willing to know more about your business.

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