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What is a PWA and Why You Should Use It? 

The wide use of mobile phones has led the companies and businesses to launch their mobile apps (applications). Most of people access internet and websites through their mobile phones. It enhances the need of mobile applications to facilitate the users.

Many companies prefer Progressive Web Apps to fulfil this requirement. To understand the concept clearly, it is necessary to explore facts about it. Let’s have a deeper look in to the PWAs.

Definition of Progressive Web App

The PWA is application software created through conventional web technologies such as HTML, CSS and other in practice to facilitate the user across multiple platforms. The PWAs facilitate the users same as the native app of companies but reduces the company cost.

These are provided through the web browsers and provide user with the functionality same as native apps. These offer installation on mobile devices’ home screen, push notifications and offline access for the users.

Progressive Web Apps are designed and improved with latest APIs and provide improved proficiencies, reliability and install ability. Everyone can reach it through any device from anywhere and a single code base makes it happen.

Why Use PWAs?

With the enhancement of online businesses and trading the use of PWA is also enhanced. Lots of platforms are using PWA for Trading instead of launching their native apps. It looks pretty fine to explore benefits of PWA.

Low Cost

It reduces the cost greatly as it focusses on the single source for content. It means content is created once and can be accessed through multiple devices and systems. No need to focus on web, The Android or iOS separately.

SEO Included

A built in SEO facilitates for inclusion of the content in PWA in search results. A number of Google tools are available for checking SEO score of your PWA. Security and time consumed in loading your PWA play significant role in SEO and PWAs are designed to support it.

Little usage Edge

In this world of competence PWAs have less usage threshold. The reason is that it does not require downloading of any new app to access the content of website. It includes many benefits such as validation of business model without any difficulty, offline app use and less use of memory which could be a serious concern of your mobile users.

Independent of Play stores

The PWAs are independent of play stores. These can be offered through multiple ways such as social media channel, home page of your website, or any other source available in your circumstances. The PWAs can be found easily through search engine.

Engages the mobile users into the Web

PWAs are providing the same facilities as a native app and also provides the access to all the functionality offered by the main platform. It allows simple navigation, use of camera, geolocation pursuing and push notifications just like a native app.

considering all the above stated reasons PWAs are perfect solution for engaging your mobile users and providing your functionality and facilities across multiple platforms and devices while keeping the single base code. In future there may be more benefits of PWA for all types of businesses.

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