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FastestVPN Review

One of the great inventions of modern times is the Internet. It’s an endless repository of information powered by a network of computers worldwide. But while internet is an unmatched resource of information, it can be risky to take your computer online.

It’s because the digital world has security risks in the form of malicious users who spy and steal other user’s data. Moreover, your online activity is not hidden from the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Every website you visit on the internet can be tracked and logged on the server. It can be used against you legally if you visited a website that was banned by the government.

Considering all such factors, the need for a strong VPN service becomes important. We decided to give FastestVPN review a go because we’ve been hearing good things about this new VPN service.

FastestVPN Overview


  • Supports up to 5 simultaneous connections
  • Compatibility with more than 20 devices
  • DNS leak protection
  • P2P-optimized servers
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Live chat support

FastestVPN hails out of the Cayman Islands, which means that it’s outside of the watchful eyes of the Five Eyes. FastestVPN is operated under Fast Technology Limited. The VPN service offers an extensive list of features, including security features like AES 256-bit encryption. Although the VPN service emerged just a few months ago, it’s already catching traction, with users posting positive reviews overall.

FastestVPN Security Features

One of the key features of any VPN service how securely it can protect your data. In our FastestVPN review, we shall discuss all such features.

FastestVPN uses the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption which is trusted by experts around the globe. On top of that, there are multiple protocols to choose from. It ensures that your online activities remain private using your preferred security protocol.

Here are protocols included in FastestVPN:

  • PPTP
  • OpenConnect
  • IKEv2
  • L2TP
  • OpenVPN (UDP and TCP)
  • IPsec

The great thing about FastestVPN is that it doesn’t through all the technical jargon at your face. People with limited technical knowledge can easily use the VPN software. By default, the protocol is set to IKEv2, but you can set it to your liking manually.

As part of our FastesVPN review, we recommend using OpenVPN with devices like Roku and Fire Stick. Use UDP for VoIP and online games, TCP for downloading large files, and IPsec for Apple Mac or iOS devices. These settings will ensure the best compatibility.

FastestVPN Privacy Features

A VPN must have in-built features to protect your identity and data online. In addition to the protocols we’ve listed here in our FastestVPN review above, here are more features that ensure a secure VPN connection:

  • NAT Firewall
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Kill Switch
  • DNS leak protection
  • Ad Block
  • P2P-optimized servers

Kill Switch is an important feature for a VPN service. Your ISP can detect your real IP in the event the VPN connection drop momentarily. What Kill Switch does is immediately disconnect the internet connection to prevent that. In our FastestVPN review, we found the feature was working as advertised.

FastestVPN Server Network

A successful VPN service relies on a network of servers scattered around the globe. The number of servers is a good indication of the kind of experience a VPN service will provide. During our FastestVPN review, the VPN service had no troubles connecting to the servers that were available.

FastestVPN boasts a network of more than 100 servers worldwide. It covers prominent regions, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, and Australia. Although the number of servers are certainly lower than other, more established VPN services, it’s enough to get you a decent VPN experience.

FastestVPN Apps

FastestVPN is compatible with more 20 platforms, it also supports simultaneous connections with up to 5 devices. Here is a list of device the FastestVPN is compatible with:


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Android Box
  • Fire Stick

Manual Configuration

  • Linux
  • Router
  • Roku
  • PS4
  • Xbox
  • Chromecast and more!

Pricing Plan

What FastestVPN lacks in the number of servers available, it makes it up for in pricing. During our FastestVPN review, we found the VPN service offered affordable pricings, which is definitely a plus.

FastestVPN offers the following packages:

Basic Subscription

12 Month Plan: $2.91/month visit plan

2 Year Plan: $1.66/month visit plan

1 Month Plan: $10/month visit plan

Promotional Subscription

5 years plan: 1/month visit plan

We found the pricing quite competitive during our FastestVPN review. The VPN provider also routinely runs promotional sales on its websites.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important metric for judging a VPN service’s quality. Although many VPN services offer 24/7 support, majority of them lack live chat support. This VPN service offers live chat and 24/7 customer support. In our FastestVPN review, we found the VPN provider was quick to reply to queries.

FastestVPN Verdict

For a VPN service that was launched only a few months ago, the service certainly left us impressed in our FastestVPN review. Overall, FastestVPN performed well during our time with it. The prices and features it offers are competitive and worth your attention.


  • Multiple protocols to choose from
  • 20+ devices compatibility
  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Affordable plans


  • Performance might slow-down during heavy traffic
  • Doesn’t offer free trial

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