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Business 2.0: Establishing Your Business Through These 5 Strategies

As you formally start your very first business operations, it always helps to set good first impressions to your customers. Don’t forget that this is your first entrepreneurial venture, and in order to establish your business the proper way, think about what can make the customers want to have you. Come up with a one-of-a-kind gimmick that catches their attention right away. This move may not seem significant, but for a newbie, first impressions can definitely tell if your business is going to last long or not.

Keep in mind that people have become critical these days. They can immediately form their respective opinions by just looking at the facade of your establishment. In some cases, clients become meticulous when it comes to small details like the design of your business cards or the layout of your business website. The point is that your prospects will try to scrutinize every part of your business that’s why it is an effective strategy to set everything accordingly.

If you want your business to make an unforgettable statement on the first day, be creative in producing unique and interesting first impressions. This will not be so difficult considering that there are so many resources you can use or portals you can tap on – a lot of them are available for free. But if you really wish to stand out and keep up with the strong competition, here are five easy and affordable tactics that will make your startup business appear more competitive and more established.

Work on your visual brand identity

When it comes to first impressions, you basically have to think about your business’s physical design, which is the first thing that your customers see. It is your visual brand identity that triggers how people initially perceive your business. One way to make this work is to be consistent in every aspect of your visual brand. A professional graphic designer can do the job accurately, but if you don’t have enough budget, you can work on the design elements such as the logo, its colors, and font styles.

Start with your business logo. This can be a painstaking work, but just make sure that the logo is simple, clear, straightforward, and scalable. To increase its professional look and recognizability, you have to choose the right combination of colors. Since this is your first business, experiment with the primary colors, at least two colors, and use them for the first few months.

The font, on the other hand, should be formal and readable. Don’t use too many font styles. If possible, stick to one style for the header and the body text on both print materials and the website.

Develop a website

Not just any kind of website but develop it with a simple layout, attractive design, and a user-friendly interface. This is important because a majority of the prospects would actually look at the website’s design to find out the credibility of the business.

Apparently, website development is a technical job, so if you don’t know how to do it, you may need the expertise of a website developer. The cost of website design can go as low as $500 to a price of $10,000. It’s a lot of money, but the price is going to be worth every spent penny. Once the website is up and running, optimize it with your business logo, necessary content and articles, high-quality images, and call-to-actions on every web page.

Aside from those points, simplify the items on the website’s main page and arrange them without confusing the users. Be consistent with the choice of the font style and colors. Stay away from large texts and place negative spaces where the user’s eyes can rest in the middle of their navigation.

High-quality images are a huge plus

As previously mentioned, images are vital in your website, especially when you just started to operate your business. They put more life, and they tell what and how you are as an entrepreneur. But don’t just display the photos and shots you like. Make sure that you post high-quality, formal headshots and branded photos to give that professional feel.

However, you may need to spend on high-quality images. To keep the cost within the budget, you can either take the photos in your workplace or in an appropriate area. Don’t forget to apply the color scheme you use on your visual brand. Make many copies so that you have the same images published in your newsletters, brochures, blog posts, and social media posts.

Optimize your website with contact details

A well-established business has legit contact details that customers can use during urgent situations. This type of information is necessary when you are operating an online business. Create a Contact Us web page containing the following significant details:

  • the contact person
  • the physical address of your headquarters
  • the phone number
  • the business email address
  • the days and hours you are available; It will be plus points if you are available 24 hours a day, every day

If you don’t post these details, then you’ll risk your business of being labeled as a scam or bogus business.

Be authoritative and confident without sounding rude

There are some cases when people tend to ignore a certain business when the owner does not even know how to deal things seriously. If you have just started to run your business, and you want your prospects to take you earnestly, you have to practice being authoritative without having to be rude. Speak to them like you know everything about your business, but be open to constructive criticisms, suggestions, and recommendations.

This does not only apply when you talk to your customers. Use the same authoritative tone when you publish something on your website, answer emails, webinars, and post notes on your social media accounts.

Closing Remarks

When you just had a grand opening of your own business, don’t expect for it to flourish within a few weeks or months because it’s less likely to happen – unless you have already made a reputable name in the industry. If you aim for the success of your venture, then you have to work hard to achieve that goal.

Remember, it’s not going to be easy. It will be challenging, especially if you have many competitors vying for the same target market as you do. But if you use these tactics well, then you will be celebrating the success of your business in no time.

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