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New Gadgets to Help You Smash Bad Habits

Bad habits come in the multitude of forms. For a reason or another, a lot of us have a habit or two, a habit that’s easy to acquire, difficult to get rid of, but kind of bad for us. Not every person would certainly agree on having one. This involves habits like smoking, drinking, disorderly eating, lack of exercise and similar.

While this is sure to be a controversial suggestion there are technologies that can actually help you keep these vices while removing most or all of their unhealthy effects. Here, you sort of get to have your cake and eat it too. Let us have a look at such gadgets which have been introduced in recent past to help the ones dealing with such ill habits:-


One of the most difficult habits to get rid of is smoking. The world is aware of the ill effects of cigarettes. The major ingredient it contains i.e. Nicotine has proven to be quite harmful. It’s both stimulant and anti depressant, that is what makes it so attractive.

The traditional way of getting nicotine is by burning tobacco into ash and inhaling the resulting smoke. So there is a lot of harmful stuff entering your body besides nicotine.

The newly introduced E-Cigarettes do away with the smoke, ashes, and any of the toxins altogether. They use premium E-juices or E-liquids. This ‘Smoke Juice’ comprises of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine and added flavors. The latter usually is the prime factor that the youth concentrates on. These flavors vary from vendor to vendor, depending upon the potency and taste. So has an upper hand in terms of variety and flavors.

There are even different variations of vapes available in the market to try.

Reports have proven that smokers, who opted to vape, did make a better choice as their health has been proven to improve and the nicotine level drastically decreased. You buy these once and then only buy the premium E- juices as the refill.


Not everyone can be considered as an alcoholic, but a lot of people attend parties or social gatherings on regular basis and get drunk there. Alcohol is technically a toxin, and therefore not quite healthy even though the effects are negligible are gradual.

In recent past, we have come across a term known as SYNTHEHOL. We have seen a progress in making it a reality.

Synthehol would give you a pleasant high as alcohol would do, but only without the extreme drunkenness or any hangover. It would use chemicals such as benzodiazepines, commonly prescribed for anxiety and insomnia.


The lack of time and space to exercise is a common problem that arises in recent times. Desk job, lack of locomotion, less time, these all results in a deteriorated health. There’s hardly a substitute for going outside to take a walk, hitting the gym or climbing a mountain. However, if you still cannot get yourself to do any of these activities, there is one budding technology that will get you at least off your couch and let you walk, run etc.

A combination of OCULUS RIFT– a virtual reality headset, and VIRTUAX OMNI– a treadmill. The former allows you to completely immerse in a realistic virtual world, while the latter lets you gain fitness by literally running or walking.

The Omni is basically a 360 degrees treadmill that allows you to walk, run or even jump on it. The technology is so sleek that one won’t even feel the friction while on it. This will be shortly available in stores. So if nothing in the outside world is motivating enough, there’s got to be a lot in the endless possibilities of virtual worlds to get you moving!


Waking up early in the morning is quite a task for the majority of people. Setting up an alarm for the morning is a routine, but it’s easy to snooze that alarm away. This allows one to sleep for longer duration and hence, reaching late to the desired destination.

If that is the case then look no further. A graduate student who always missed his lectures because of oversleeping invented an alarm clock that literally RUNS AWAY while the alarm goes off. CLOCKY has two wheels attached to it and moves away when the alarm starts. Therefore, the person has to get up from the bed and turn the alarm off. This clock makes sure that the user actually wakes up in the morning.

It’s a brilliant idea for lazy sleepers in order to get out of the bed early. CLOCKY is easily available online for purchase.


It is becoming more and more difficult to stand out against the crowded market for activity trackers & smart watches. LIV is a new type of bracelet that is designed to help you become aware of subconscious behaviors that are physical movements of the hand, repetitive and focused on the body.

The device helps you break bad habits by interrupting you with a vibration in the midst of doing whatever it is you want to stop doing. It contains sophisticated motion sensors that monitor a wearer’s activities. To start using the gadget you need to perform a one-time calibration process by performing the action you would like to stop. The bracelet records the motion, and from that point alerts you every time you repeat that action.

Technology today has come a long way, what seemed next to impossible yesterday, can be fully functional in near future. It has come as a boon for the society that we are able to perform such tasks in limited time and space which can be proven beneficial for our well being.

Things which were hazardous for the health or the environment can now easily be substituted with gadgets which can do the job just as good as before. We can fully take advantage of these gadgets in order to smash those bad habits.

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