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Top 5 SEO Predictions that will hook up online businesses in 2017

According to Online marketing on 2017,  many online businesses expects to be settled on better ranking positions, to cover higher and more valuable audiences to stay with them. If you are just starting or an existing SEO practitioner, then you should follow the upcoming steps and traits of SEO tactics to stay & rank your own or client’s website positions on SERP results.


1) Google Algorithms with Artificial Intelligence

In 2017, Google may launch artificial & real-time algorithms to show a unique way on rankings, map listings, organic & Ad words layout on search results. “Google home page” result might be a big impact on search engine ranking, Moreover many SEO companies started working with featured snippets to explain queries in future search.  The shortage of standards makes it difficult for people farther the Web marketing business to decide everything we are saying them.

2) Meta Description won’t work in 2017

Meta description won’t be a ranking factor in 2017 Google drops the priority of Meta description. But title will be the powerful tool that can be used to show your website unique. Moreover, if your online business having the most common keyword terms split it on to primary, secondary with the brand name. Don’t try to stuff your keywords repeatedly on the titles. Because,  Google’s  results showing metadata, and title keywords by prioritizing as per density & authority of the website. So be prepared for the next year ahead of competitors by supplying your unique title with the fresh Meta description.

2) Unique Content Roles Still Standing

Google loves & the content, provide fresh content that can help your customers to solve their problems. Just set all your web pages with the exact information as well as with the search trends. Use latent semantic indexing (LSI) Keywords. Place the LSI in the first paragraph, body, and the last paragraph of text. Make sure optimize your content with the anchor text & update it regularly, Idle content won’t be a ranking face. So present unique information that people will find relevant and interesting.

4) Move with Mobile Optimization

As of now, Google is a mobile-first search company with the mobile-first index coming and action around mobile. Optimization might vary by the attributes for Branding, services, sales, lead. First of all, prepare for mobile and the future of search. Voice search & wearable gadgets may increase by 2017. The quickening of innovative technologies and discoveries you should improve your ability to reach a mobile audience. An optimization technique can go mobile rather than the desktop optimization. My final thought is whatever the optimizing ways utilize & move forward with your mobile search strategies.

5) Role of Redirections & HTTPS in 2017

Switching from HTTP to https improves your site’s trust. Most people still haven’t even converted their sites to HTTPS yet. When compared SERP results of HTTP over HTTPS has more weight to stand up. Take care your traffic & google settings while moving to secure layer. 301 Redirects are one of the best tactics used in SEO and they are yet amazingly powerful and have become more varied in the least many years. Google suggests that 301 redirects should prevail live for at least a year after implementation.


SEO is about understanding and adapting to the variations in answering solution. Perform these five prediction points a periodic way to present your website. In future SEO experts increase their artificial intelligence skills & stay ahead of your competition.


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Abinaya is a CEO & co-founder of Maze tech Inc is a leading web technology & SEO services company in Chennai & Bangalore. She has written many articles related to content marketing, SEM, SMM, including omnichannel marketing.

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