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5 Inspection Tips for when Buying Used Structural Steel Machinery

More often than not, equipment buyers find it hard to find the right machine. The buying process even gets harder if the buyer is not as experienced or doesn’t know exactly what to look for. The fact that there are also so many manufactures and companies only makes it even more complex for buyers.

When it comes to used equipment. You will find that they all have varying conditions. This depends on their age, their past maintenance, and their work history. No buyer wants to risk buying equipment that is not in the best condition and has to bear the repair cost.

For this reason, it is important to look for reputable and trusted manufacturers like USM, as well as make sure to do a thorough inspection before making the purchase.

5 Things to Look For While Buying a Used Structural Machinery

Searching for equipment for rent or to buy means looking for specific factors and ensuring it is in good shape. Here some of the things you should look for while inspecting the equipment before buying one;

Physical Structure

The first thing you want to pay attention to is the visible structure. Examine every area of the machine including the wheels, frames, attachments, other external parts around the machine. You want to find out if the integrity of the structure has any significant damage.

Other things to look for are welding marks, fish plates, oil leaks, the condition of the undercarriage, and the state of the machinery all around. Check the engine panels or the hydraulic cylinders for any leaks. Make sure the machine doesn’t have any faults all around.

Interior Structure

After you are done checking outside you want to make a thorough interior check. Aesthetics and beauty are the last things you are looking for in the step. Instead, what you want to pay attention to are the controls, the steering, the backup system, navigation, and more of search.

Some of the things you are inspecting are switches, indicators in the dashboard of the equipment, gauges, working conditions of the foot pedals and controllers, the condition of the seat, belts, lights, windows, and mirrors, the air conditioning and heating systems, and more.

Noise Check

This will wrap up your inspection and show signs you might have missed while inspecting the interior and exterior. Turn on the machine and observe how it behaves and the noise it makes. This may be able to warn you in case of machinery faults.

Cough sounds from the engine may be an indication of poor conditions. Squeaking sounds may also mean worn-out parts, missing bolts, loose connection, etc. Connection points that require lubrication may also cause abnormal noises.

Check the Hydraulic and Engine

Hydraulic and engine systems are the most important part of the machine. Check out any visible faults on the hydraulic cylinders. Some of the signs you are looking for include scratches, dents, fluid leaks, loose belts, dirty filters, and breaks. These are signs that the state of the components is bad.


If you don’t have any experience with the machine or have never handled such deals, you might want to talk to an expert, someone who knows what to look for and how to handle such situations. You can also consider hiring qualified technicians to perform the inspection. This may seem like an added cost but will save you big time, in the long run.

Also, always remember that there is a more important thing than cost. Even if the price is attractive, you want to consider the condition of the machine and the potential repair cost. If the cost of repair and replacement seems to be high, reconsider your decision.

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