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3 Apps That Will Help You Get Fit (For Beginners)

Summer is around the corner and you probably feel like you need to get back in shape. I mean, don’t we all? That’s why we have selected 5 apps that will help you get fit if you’re not really into working out yet.

We would like to start off with a disclaimer; with these apps, you will not be lean or skinny in a heartbeat. Losing weight and getting lean is a process which can take up to months and months of hard work (whatever your goal may be). So trust the process and don’t give up after two days if you don’t see any changes. It’s also about changing your lifestyle and eating healthy!

Couch to 5k

Are you a couch potato who would like to start running but you don’t know how? Couch to 5k is the app for you. Because (as the name suggests), it helps a couch potato to run 5k in just eight weeks. The only thing you need is 30 minutes of spare time 3 days a week, so a day of rest in between. The Couch to 5k app always starts with a mix of running and walking to gradually build up your fitness pace. Week one involves running for one minute at a time with an interval of one and half minute walking.And week The creator of this app, Josh Clarks, intended to create realistic expectations and therefore make it feel achievable right from day one. After this first day, you feel refreshed and excited to take on your running journey. When entering the last day of the Couch to 5k app, you run for 30 minutes straight. This may sound impossible right now, but it is one hundred percent achievable.

The Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

We get it, you want to start exercising but you don’t have much (spare) time on your hands. Maybe you have a lot of kids running around or you’re really busy with a school project. Whatever keeps your life busy, Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout app will help you get fit. This app will help you squeeze in some small but intense exercise into your day. You can customise the workouts to your fitness pace. You can choose from low- to high-intensity workouts and everything in between. With the 72 exercises and 22 additional workouts that can be customised and modified to suit your desires, you can create over more than a 1000 variations. With this app, you’ll feel like you have a personal trainer because you receive guidance and motivation throughout your workout.

Alo Moves

Relaxing the mind and soul is very important after your workouts. That’s where Alo Moves joins the party. This app offers yoga, stretching and meditation classes. Alo Moves will help you concentrate on your breathwork and meditate before you go to sleep or after a workout. After all, many studies have shown how beneficial it is to connect your mind and body. That’s why Alo Moves also suggests that you take a warm bath or even contemplate purchasing a jacuzzi (dutch: jacuzzi kopen). Buying a jacuzzi is a big investment, but there are many positive health and muscle benefits that come with it. So why wouldn’t you? Look for a jacuzzi outlet near you for the best deal.

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