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How To Become A Plumber [Infographic]

If you’re looking for a diverse career path you may be surprised to know that the plumbing industry has more to offer than you may think. A career in plumbing offers great training opportunities, good wages and the possibility of starting your own business or branching into consultancy or teaching.

To start your plumbing career, you need to undertake training, which can take several years, by either attending college or via the apprenticeship route, which gives you the chance to earn while you learn.

In this infographic, we provide advice on how to become a fully qualified plumber. We’ve taken a look at the skills set you’ll need to have, or learn, and the sort of character you’ll need, along with an overview of earning potential. It’s a diverse and rewarding career path that is open to many people.

So, if you’re considering becoming a fully qualified plumber read on to see the different avenues open to you within the plumbing industry and learn how to become a qualified plumber.

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