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Corporate Event Trends for Memorable Business Branding

Branding is at the core of almost every corporate event a company organizes. Be it a conference, lunch, sporting event, corporate meet, or even a simple employee engagement activity – every event has one goal, which is to promote a brand or the culture of a company.

Events are a part of smart marketing and communication strategy that yields tons of benefits including increased brand awareness; staff, partner, and client/customer education; and customer conversion and retention. Let’s take an outdoor employee engagement activity at a company for example.

Since it is an outdoor event, it is evident that the company aims to draw the attention of people who are not a part of their organization. What they are promoting here is their culture plus their brand. So, events work as a communication tool that allows them to communicate their message to their target audience.

In addition, corporate events help companies develop interpersonal relationships with their workers and allies. You can widen your network by organizing or participating in industry or corporate fairs. But the question is, how to develop an effective corporate event strategy that helps create a memorable business branding?

One straightforward answer to that is by knowing and implementing what’s trending. Hire the best Event Photographer for your event so you can market it in the best possible manner. If you are considering organizing a corporate event, you wouldn’t want to miss these popular trends.

Personalization Isn’t Just About Persona

As per a research data, “96% of invitees expect event agenda to be more personalized.” Before attending any event, attendees want to completely understand what it is all about. If they feel convinced with the objective, they are already in. So, how do you develop more personalized event agenda o objective that appeals to your audience?

It is like offering the invitees exactly (or almost exactly) what they expect. You will need to have a clear apprehension of their expectations from your event.

For that, you will first need to understand the persona of the individuals you are inviting at your event. As gathering data has become even more challenging in the year 2020, it is going to be a nerve-wrecking assignment for your event marketing and organization teams.

To ease your job, you can consider deploying using event technology and planning tools.

Corporate Events Are Gradually Becoming Festivals

And there is no festival without music. Trends indicate that music will have an important role to play at corporate events this year. With that, the very essence of corporate events – which is a serious and professional feel – will continue to evaporate.

Soon, we might see it completely gone, however, that seems unlikely in the remaining five months of 2020. Still, music is going to be an essential element of many corporate events.

For example: Forbes recently organized a summit for entrepreneurs under 30. By oldschool definition, it should have been a meet of entrepreneurs from different trades and industries. But did you know. that there was a music festival at the summit to keep the guests entertained and interested throughout the event?

Health & Wellness Are Going To Dominate

There was a time corporate events were known for high calorie meals served. But, the time has taken an extreme turn, and planners are now including foods and beverages that promote health and wellness.

In fact, if trends are to be believed, planners these days emphasize more on including foods that are good for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Unhealthy cigarettes are taking their way out from corporate events, and smoking pipes is gradually becoming a trend. It’s not that cigars are safe, but they safer than cigarettes. You could find cigar stalls at many company events these days.

Planners are now promoting that the meals served at their event is healthy. And this trend is catching momentum.

Safety Is Still A Concern

Event safety is a top concern in the mind of planners. Failing to ensure security of the guests will be a great disappointment and will work negatively for your event objective.

When we talk about event safety, we must mention the selection procedure of destination, catering partner, and the suppliers of the event essentials.

We are currently going through a global pandemic – coronavirus disease (COVID-19). It has completely transformed the way people gather these days and large-scale events were organized before the virus outbreak.

Social distancing and highest level of hygiene are going to be an essential element at any event this year (and maybe beyond, if the virus maintains its grip on humanity).

Security, sanitization, and social distancing have become the key selling factor for corporate events.


The comfort of attendees should also be a brainstormed point while planning an event. If they feel confused with the layout of venue or if something at the event irks them, it will be no less than a failure for the organizers.

Planners are making efforts to add a sea of facilities to their event, aiming to comfort the attendees. Amenities like free WiFi, complimentary snacks and beverages, cozy rest rooms, and ventilated and air conditioned event venue are common at corporate events these days.

Bottom Line

Increasing engagement is the major focus of the organizers at modern corporate events. Amplifying the interaction and offering value through facilities are also at the center stage of event planning. However, finding an easy and smooth operational layout is still a hard-won battle.

If you are planning an event, the trends suggest that being exclusive – industry exclusive – will get you more attention and better results from your target audience groups.

The concerns related to event waste disposal and management are also rising among environmentalists, local authorities, and government. For each event you organize, you should have a plan for that in your event strategy.

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