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Published on August 24th, 2020 | by Sunit Nandi


What Does a Fashion Brand want from its Influencers? 5 Things an Influencer Should Never Miss Out

Once Coco Chanel quoted “Fashion is the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” It is an undying market, as time is passing by; people’s lifestyles are uplifting each day. There is more than just to wear a pair of denim and a shirt to go out at lunch now. People have started organizing their closets and also have revamped them according to their respective fashion icons.

Nowadays to become a fashion icon is no big deal. With the digitization, everyone can showcase their style and creativity on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and become an entrepreneur online. Now, the fashion world is constantly revamping itself with new fashion trends as well as advertising trends.

From black & white magazines to billboards to now the influencers. All these advertising tactics from traditional medium to digital has helped the fashion businesses flourish in every dimension. Influencer marketing is one such personal ad gig that happens to gain a lot of engagement and profits in today’s Gen Z market.

With the invention of short videos, reels, filters, and other photo-video related features in apps like Instagram and a platform like YouTube, people have started spending more time watching them. From sharing a new look to promoting a specific brand the influencers are the key to set trends for the fashion entrepreneurs.

If you are an influencer and want to become noticeable to fashion brands looking for influencers than you need to keep in mind the following tips.

#1 Create a persona to become one with the brand

Any branding agency, looking for influencers, will not look for a catalog clone. They will specifically look at your brand aesthetics to match theirs. For that, you need to blend your fashion campaigns into unique creativity leaving your footprints with a pair of clothing.

Find your unique selling point (USP). It can be anything from greeting a virtual audience to ending a video with a dance move or a one-liner or a signature way of wearing clothes. It should be eye-catchy which will help brands to choose you for their label. You need to create your own individuality, for instance, Camila Coelho (8.8 million followers) is known to share the latest trends and looks for each season on her profile. This makes her the very first choice of big brands launching their new collection of the season. Thus, you will also have to come up with your own brand personification.

#2 Wear brands that complement each other

As an online content creator, you need to be creative as well as experimental when it comes to fashion. You cannot stick to one brand, change is the key for you to rope in more fashion goliaths and make them gaze at your profile online. If you are wearing a Zara outfit than you are also supposed to pair it with a Kate Spade clutch or tote and heels from Aldo, which makes the brands recognize your taste of clothing as well as gives you your own niche genre i.e. a brand below Zara will not approach you for collaboration as you have made your styling clear with your posts.

Thus, always wear an outfit that complements and goes with other brands, also don’t forget to tag them, so that they keep you in mind for their future fashion campaigns.

#3 Brands look for influencers with an engaging audience

If you want successful and long term collaboration, it is very much necessary for you to keep your profile engaging with existing and new followers. To do so you need to make new posts by using different technological advancements like reels.

The fashion brands looking for influencers will look specifically at your followers, post views as well as comments beneath them. They will also look into the demographics of your audience, to know whether there are local followings or not. For that, you need to enable geo-tag to attract the local audiences with appropriate local hashtags. Ensure the timings of your post for better engagement. Check your page analytics to know the proper results of your profile.

#4 Your posts should be sales driven

Have you heard about word of mouth advertising? That is what you as an influencer majorly do for the brands. The fashion brands looking for influencers specifically analyze your sales-driven persona. It can be the way you describe clothing or wear it, it can also be the way you promote the product by telling a story or posting a series of a photo-video campaign on your profile.

How will you prove that you are sales driven? Your audience will prove it to you. Whatever you will post, they will go to the tagged profile to see more about it or also will ask in the comment section from where you have bought it. This will all fall along as the result of your posting.

#5 Understand the brand and the intent of selling a particular product

Fashion brands always come with a brief for the influencers. These briefs are specifications from the agency as to how they want the brand to look when he or she promotes it on their medium. You need to study the brands and how they want the collaboration to be for their brand image and brand awareness. Every brand has its unique specification, thus you have to work on it to become a successful fashion influencer.

On a concluding note

The fashion world has never-ending opportunities for everyone with a range of products and marketing budget to spend on. There is always room for creative people, so if you are a budding fashion blogger or influencer then you should definitely search for fashion brands looking for influencers as there are brands out there looking for specific talent and style that can help them with their online brand image.

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