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Published on July 13th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


Top 10 Free Influencer Search Engine Tools

This is my second share on top free influence search tools, here am gonna list down some best rated influencer search tools that would cost you nothing and wouldl load your business with much ease and effectiveness.

Influence marketing has already gained a status of most followed business culture around the world with maximum users over the social platforms are either indulged into influencing others or expend their budgets and much time on finding influencer.

The need to gross business sales and public reach are constantly dragging more and more investors towards finding the right social media influencer, actually finding the right influencer that rules your niche is not a piece of cake, giant social platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr etc are already flooded with influencers from all over the globe and from this pacific sea you are required to find your most precious and rightful gem that would change your business fate, and this process of finding the right influencer takes months of investments of time, patience and money.

So instead of investing you super precious time and valuable money without even knowing whether you are getting to have some positive result or you will stay empty handed, it would be far better to work with the artful technologies and have the best expected outcome in your hand.

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Here am discussing about some top influencer search tools, these tools are well designed and enough programmed to detect, build , analyze and generate the best influence marketers on any social platform, these tools generates reports on your performance and engagement rates and will compare you with other competitors plus rate the most followed influence marketers and business builders.

Instantly, who would not love to use these topnotch tools for free, actually these influencer search tools access will cost you much as ‘nothing is available for free in this world accept advice’, but here after so much of exploration, I have excavated some best free influencer search tool that would grant your business ceaseless increase and enhancement with plunder of flexibility and outreach to the audience.

1. FollowerWonk

FollowerWonk is a twitter based tool that would allow you to dive deep into your twitter profile and let you see who are your followers, which profile has retweeted most of your content and the peak tweeting hours. It also provides you a search engine for relevant influencer discovery plus rank them on the basis of retweets and user’s engagement rates, beside all these it provides you a complete visual formats that are much easier to understand the current business activity and have a better insight to high trending influencers and get a chance to connect with them.

This tool offers a free trial and later you have to pay for further access.

2. Fan Grader

Fan Grader is a facebook based influencer search tool, it will allow you to discover and rank top 100 micro and macro influencer on facebook, the ranking of influencers are basically done by the tool itself on the basis of performance and engagement, and it’s analytical presence on the internet.

As per my reach it’s will cost you nothing as it’s a complete free tool.

3. Crowdfire

Crowd fire is a freemium tools you can use it to analyze your two social media accounts for free but for more you have to pay the requisite charges, you can use it to target and track your audience on twitter and instagram, it analyze your performance and check how striking your posts are.

4. Social crawlytics

Social crawlytics can be used to find social media influencer in a particular domain, it even supports a complete tracking solution and generate reports on competition and performance and even rate and list top authors and media bloggers and then it represents who has most successful and popular contents and at what rate top contents have been shared.

5. Afluencer

Afluencer is a freemium tool, you can use it to find and track top social media influencer’s program on any social platform, it crafts down the performance based reports on engagements and campaigns rates.

6. finds relevant email addresses for you, you can use this tool to find top bloggers email address asking for a guest post of your influencer campaign, it offers you to undertake 100 monthly searches on a free plan and for more you have to pay.

7. GroupHigh

It’s a free influencer search tool, it could be very useful for small businesses to afford influence marketers for free or at very low cost, it provides you 10 -20 free centralized influencers list that are aligned to a particular niche, you can have insight of these lists to find out your business ruling influencer.

8. klout

Klout is freemium influencer search tool, it ranks influencers and assigned them a score card value from 1 – 100, the higher the score equivalently perform-able and followed that profile must be, on an average a highly active user or blogger gets a score between 60 – 65.


It’s actually a plugin that helps you with your social networks, it allows you to see your email recipients, social accounts updates, facebook connection etc, you can use it to find if any of your existing contact have connections with other influencers as similar to your niche , you can utilize your contact to get introduced with the influencer.

10. Haro

Haro is a basically topic based search tool , it sort down influencers on the ground of their topic of discussion and niche type and later serve you only those group of influencers who are relevant to your business type.

It’s a complete free influencer search tool.

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