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Posting fresh SEO articles and news is the key to rank your site higher in the SERPs

Having a business website is not enough. If a website owner wishes to make their online business a success, they need to share constant SEO articles and news with their audience. Content is king – nothing has ever been this true. For improving SEO and at the same time offering good user experience to clients, content creation undoubtedly is of supreme importance.

The significance of posting fresh content

By posting fresh content, even one content a day, a website owner will constantly place their articles before the top search engines thereby holding the reader’s attention. For instance if a person visits a website many times and finds everything is same like before, the website owner is likely to lose a reader as they will think that there is no new information to learn from them. Search engines too respond in the same way- no fresh content and no recommendations for higher traffic. While on the other side of the coin, if a website owner ping search engines continuously with their fresh articles, new content, social media content, press releases, landing pages, e-books and videos, then they will be enticed to crawl in the website again and again. It will index the fresh content and thereby build a business owner’s position as a highly authoritative resource in the process.

Smart ways of adding fresh content for higher website ranking

Fresh content can always influence rankings. In fact it is the key to rank your site higher in the SERPS. Here the question is what the ways of adding fresh content are. It does not mean writing a new article or rewriting an existing web page, although these are just possibilities. Below are some tried and tested techniques that a website owner can use,

  • Add an e-book- It can be as easy as grouping many articles together for making an e-book which can either be given away for free or sold at a low price
  • Add videos- Both search engines and people love videos. Ensure adding Meta information which is keyword rich to aid search engines find the video
  • Add a forum- It is important to embed keywords and links within posts. Creating a forum for participation will give a business person fresh, free contents as every poster will add to the write-up on the website
  • Add fresh contents daily- Always optimize every content for specific keywords to help readers and search engines find them
  • Add a News or Press Release page- Add a News or Press Release page on the website and post all news flashes and press releases on this page. Besides add advertisements and advertorials too
  • Add live feeds to the homepage- By adding live feeds from Facebook posts and social media tweets on the homepage will help in bringing their fresh content to the website thereby helping in increasing SEO ranking
  • Lastly add a landing page for products or services- Along with practicing SEO’s best practices, keeping content fresh and unique is indeed a valuable thing that a website owner can do for increasing their SEO ranking. Shares, links, comments, click-through and likes, all carry credence for search engines. After all the higher active engagement that a site shows to the search engines that it has with the public, the higher their ranking will go. In fact all such behind-the-scenes search engine optimization strategies and tips will add value for the readers

It is time for changing people’s approach to SEO. Back links and social signals no longer remain the key ranking factors but great content is. Crappy content will not get shared. Therefore it is critical in creating content which is engaging and informative and can solve people’s problems. For becoming an industry leader and increasing competitiveness, focusing on constant articles and news is definitely the way forward. Right from enhancing SEO, increasing sales to winning new clients, it will offer plentiful business advantages and is worth the investment.


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