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IT Consulting Trends For 2022

The information technology (IT) industry has become one of the most influential in modern society. Technology is everywhere. But the IT industry is ever-evolving. That’s not a bad thing. It does, however, posit firms to adapt to changes that may arise within their industry. But this is why organizations engage IT consultants to assist them in maximizing the potential of their IT resources.

IT consulting is important because businesses rely on technology. The more the globe moves toward digitalization, the more these consulting services will be required. Businesses may not know how to best adapt to changes in their sector. As a result, they may seek assistance from professionals like Resilient IT Consulting. IT consultants are usually in a good position to help because they know industry trends. This is especially true for niche consultants.

Now, the IT consulting industry has seen some changes over the past year. It’s quite clear that the world is embracing digitalization. This is good for the IT consulting industry. However, client needs are changing. As a result, consultants have had to adjust. You can’t always forecast how things will be in the future. But current trends can give you a good picture of what to expect. That said, here’s a list of some IT consulting trends for 2022.

1. The Rise Of Data-Driven Consulting

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a word that’s frequently used these days. It’s one of those technologies that has exploded in popularity for a good reason. AI is a computer system or program meant to replicate human intellect. People may use AI to optimize their systems and processes in the quest for efficiency. This technology is widely used to improve supply chain management and data processing.

AI enables firms to generate extensive data that provides insights into their operations. Computers are more efficient and make fewer mistakes than humans. As a result, they’re more dependable while doing repetitive tasks and processing large amounts of data. AI technology is now so common that some companies use it to construct driverless vehicles. This is feasible because AI can collect and process data quickly, allowing it to learn and self-correct in real time. AI may only be ideal in some use cases. However, as AI technology improves, more developers and vendors will seek to incorporate it into their systems and processes.

Machine learning, modeling, and predictive analytics may also be used in data-driven consulting. IT consultants provide solutions that allow businesses to make data-driven decisions. You may do this by utilizing different AI-powered analytics tools. Remember, you must first gather data. Then use analytics to interpret that data and help them understand its meaning. These insights will assist clients in making more informed decisions.

Therefore, AI consulting services are likely to increase in demand in 2022 going forward. Data analytics is vital for modern businesses since data is now a source of competitive advantage. Businesses know they’ll remain competitive if they can harness the potential of AI tools to generate precise data. As a result, IT consultants may need to include AI in their solutions to assist firms that rely heavily on data.

2. Expanding Cloud Capabilities

The 2020 pandemic triggered a shift toward a remote working model. Even now, some businesses have completely transitioned to remote working models. This also compelled firms to start embracing cloud-based technologies.

Cloud technology has several advantages over traditional systems. For example, cloud solutions are adaptable and can be integrated with other corporate systems. You can easily set up access controls in your cloud to ensure enhanced protection. It encourages collaboration by making it easier for individuals to share information. The cloud is also more secure than traditional systems. As a result, many businesses have already switched to the cloud.

Businesses will need help establishing cloud systems, and this is where IT consultants can come in. Every business will likely have different needs. Therefore, businesses will require tailored solutions. They’ll likely turn to IT consultants who specialize in the cloud to develop the right business solutions. The cloud is here to stay because remote working has been standardized.

3. Preference For Niche Expertise

While providing general IT consultation services is still useful, there’s a move towards personalized solutions. The days of offering a one-size-fits-all (or most) solution are long gone. The landscape in which businesses operate nowadays is constantly changing. Therefore, business owners are looking for dynamic solutions which allow them to adapt to changes in their environment accordingly. Plus, business needs will likely change as changes occur in the environment. As a result, businesses are turning to consultants who are specialists in their industry to assist them in optimizing their operations.

Business owners understand that by engaging with general consultants, they risk losing out on significant opportunities that their competitors are taking advantage of. Consultants with specialized knowledge, on the other hand, will constantly be up to speed on industry developments. Such individuals will be able to provide better recommendations on how a business may effectively utilize its resources to increase efficiency. Since businesses will need customized solutions, you can anticipate that this trend will likely stand in 2022.

4. The Rise Of Independent Consultants

There’s been a noticeable increase in the preference for independent consultants in many industries. The IT industry is no exception.

Since technology is ever-evolving, companies are looking to independent consultants for solutions. Since outsourcing became popular, independent consulting has become a viable alternative. This has been largely facilitated by the shift to a remote working model. This model enables organizations to engage consultants from all around the world.

Businesses now have more options thanks to the emergence of freelance or independent IT consultants. These consultants typically have flexible pricing structures. Businesses pay for the services that they require only. Consider how managed IT services have grown in popularity. Businesses choose managed IT services because they can obtain professional IT assistance from these providers at a much lower cost. Smaller businesses that can’t afford permanent IT personnel gain from this since they won’t have to worry about employing IT experts.

Moreover, independent consultants tend to be more equipped to provide specialized services to their clients. Independent consultants may find it hard to scale their operations to serve bigger clients. But such consultants are better off specializing in specific fields than offering generalized services.

5. Increase In Small Business Consulting

Typically, larger corporations were the ones that sought out consulting services the most. But things have changed. Smaller firms are increasingly seeking IT consulting services. Because of a global entrepreneurship boom, there are smaller firms than larger enterprises. Such businesses will require assistance with marketing and process optimization. So, it makes sense why this trend would emerge.

The other reason this trend is showing is because of the digitization of the consulting profession. Now that IT consulting services can be outsourced at varying service rates, smaller businesses can access IT support services at affordable prices. Furthermore, because smaller organizations have fewer IT demands, they would like to deal with consultants with a flexible price structure. Contemporary consultants may charge smaller businesses per job rather than a flat cost. This is why independent consultants have recently become more marketable.

6. Expected Rise In Blockchain Consulting

You can apply blockchain technology in so many sectors. It’s commonly known for its influence on the financial sector and cryptocurrencies. However, blockchain technology is much more versatile and can be used in several other domains or sectors. Examples are healthcare, accounting, manufacturing, and retail.

As blockchain evolves, businesses will look for consultants to help them understand how this technology works. IT consultants could also help such businesses to use blockchain technology in their operations. If you want to be a blockchain consultant, ensure you stay abreast with industry trends. This will enable you to provide businesses with current solutions. You’ll also be able to detail how such technologies will benefit your clients.

7. The Increasing Relevance Of Digital Marketing

In the modern economy, digital marketing is widespread. Businesses are investing in digital marketing because that’s where their audience is. When people are looking for something, the first thing they usually do is search for it through a search engine. That action alone is a marketing opportunity that advertisers want to take advantage of. Every business, big or small, wants to build a solid online presence these days. This is great news for IT consultants.

Digital marketing includes, among other things, marketing via search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves, you can expect that businesses will continue to invest in digital marketing. But businesses need help in creating solid digital marketing strategies. IT consultants specializing in IoT and digital marketing may see an uptick in business activity.

But also, IT consultants should take advantage of digital marketing to improve exposure online. Because consumer loyalty is at an all-time low, there’s increased competition for clients. People now have more options, so IT consultants should sell themselves to get clients. By availing services through online channels like websites and social media, people will be able to find you. The trend towards digitization is here to stay. Therefore, consultants may join the bandwagon by utilizing digital marketing.


IT trends are always changing. The best way for IT consultants to keep their businesses relevant is to stay up to date on these trends. The trends mentioned above provide an outlook into the IT industry currently. But keep in mind that things may always change.

Furthermore, the trend toward digitization and cloud computing will likely continue for a long time. Companies will continue to leverage the power of IoT through social media and SEO. IoT has a large audience that marketers can’t ignore. As a result, businesses may seek specialist advisory services in areas such as digital marketing. Furthermore, the availability of analytics tools will make it much easier for consultants to provide customers with real-time data to help them make informed decisions.

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