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How to Choose Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services For Your Company

An artificial intelligence consulting firm that has worked on ample use of projects can tell you your idea is promising in minutes, not days or weeks.

In 90% of cases, an experienced agency can tell you “Yes, it can work” or a confident “No” within ~ 15 minutes after you explain your problem, purpose and available data.

They should be able to tell you what ideas are worth at this stage. You will still need to create a proof of concept to confirm what you want to predict. Read more info here :

They are not afraid to say no to you

Is a machine learning consulting firm ready to work on each of your ideas?

Or will they give you the best solution, even if it is not what you expected?

Many machine learning ideas are not a good idea upon closer inspection. If you don’t have the data you need or there is no clear path to a solution – even for experts – they will inform you.

Likewise, not every project will require AI.

Clients come to us regularly for advice on ml, when a simpler system can give them 90% of the results. In these and other cases, we often discourage the use of ml and point them in the right direction to do it on their own or with standard software development consulting.

Find usage methods to be used early on.

They talk openly about their experiences.

Don’t let an AI consulting company hide behind an NDA. Privacy is a top priority in the data science world, but a reputable AI company should have permission to point you to some specific projects and talk about some real names and numbers.

We have nondisclosure agreements with all of our clients, but we can still tell you who we worked with, what problem we solved and what the consequences were.

These cases should be accompanied by the names and contact details of the project managers of the companies they worked with.

Choose a trusted AI agency that has compelling references and gives you insight into the specific projects they’ve created, how they approached those projects, and what results they’ve achieved. Be sure to ask if these projects are exploratory or POC projects, or if they are actually used in the day-to-day work of their clients.

The international consulting agency Gartner believes that in 2 years, almost 40% of all interactions with virtual assistants will rely on data processed by neural networks. In addition, AI technologies are expected to impact virtually every business in the next 10 years, where the consumer products, consulting, marketing and advertising, and military-defense sectors will serve as the main market engines.

Tractica’s global report predicts an increase in revenues in the smart development market to $ 38.8 billion. by 2025. According to analysts, the dynamics of artificial intelligence consulting services will be based on six basic technologies:

  1. Deep learning;
  2. Computer vision;
  3. Machine argumentation;
  4. Tactical (universal) AI.

In their forecast for the development of smart technologies, experts examined almost 200 AI use cases, starting in 2018. Most of them already use AI for forecasting, anomaly detection, efficient exchange trading, improving cybersecurity, high-quality performance of search engines, as well as in the service sector, for classifying images or perceiving human language and for improving work with information data flows. Smart robotics is in great demand, covering the lion’s share of analytical solutions, and this trend will grow every year.

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