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OpenStack Private Cloud For Healthcare


Openstack is a cloud OS that manages large pools of data stored, networking & computed via datacenter. The above mentioned components are viewed & managed through a dashboard. While it gives control over administration & empower their users through a web interface.

It provides IaaS, PaaS & SaaS in a collection of open source which allows to perform specific functions on cloud.

Openstack is a project supported & started by Rackspace & NASA which provides open source software that provides any firm to offer & create for free cloud computing services working on standardized hardware.

As linux distribution it has several ways that are supported by different firms like SUSE & RedHat.

Openstack Provides Both Public & Private Cloud Spaces

In the public cloud war the most famous cloud providers most of us know would be Google, Microsoft Azure & AWS. Of course in the cloud war OpenStack is a huge standard for the private cloud services as told. Many of us have to realise that how big the cloud services by OpenStack could be.

There are a large no of data centers with public cloud powered by OpenStack around us.

Survey Reports

  • In a survey conducted by OpenStack, users of 48% deployments with interacting to another cloud. The combination of one with the other cloud showed on year-by-year analysis with growth among mainstream industries, non-it & in govt & financial firms & also with an average 48% growth of retail, telecom & research industries.
  • OpenStack was in production with 24% of the firms in a survey conducted by SUSE with more than 1300 IT Professionals and the remaining are planning in the use of OpenStack in future days.
  • OpenStack can be used to manage the edge infrastructure, it was surveyed by SDxCentral survey report by 87% of the users in future.
  • With a number of 700 firms with cloud professionals have concluded in a survey that most widely used in deployed cloud infrastructure of OpenStack by Cloudify. In most of the cases most of the firms deploying more than one & the second most popular cloud combination is OpenStack & AWS.

Private Cloud Implementation

The setup for Private cloud is implemented within corporate firewall safely, It is controlled by the IT department. It is responsible for managing & running different IT services & resources instead of taking care over by another cloud provider or third party provider. The private cloud projects are to enable IaaS to become more eligible of fastly adapting to continuously expands firm needs & requirements. The private cloud involves considering the need of a private cloud, by developing a plan to how to form a private cloud, & develop cloud policies for security & access, Testing & deployment of cloud infrastructure & training partners & employees on cloud services.

A firm should know what are the manual tasks repetitive & the practices that are to be automated for cloud deployment inorder to setup a private cloud for their success & utilise the work hours properly to reach success and gain profits with cloud computing.With the private installation the company will be able to return automatic server virtualization, by providing with the benefits of automated resources and less use of hardware in the IT infrastructure.

Cloud Management Software

Cloud Services Management  are software & technology designed to operate & monitor applications, services reside in cloud & data.Cloud Services Management tools helps to ensure that cloud computing reliable resources are properly working & interacting with end users for the services. It involves all the tasks including security, performance monitoring, compliance auditing with management, taking care of disaster recovery & contingency plans. With the popularity of cloud computing there are wide variety in cloud planning for hybrid, private & public cloud based sys & infrastructure already in use. Choosing an exact cloud platform is difficult.

The Hypervisor

The Hypervisor is a program which allows multiple OS to share, single hardware as host. It is also called as a Virtual Machine Manager. Each 7 every OS has a host’s processor with other resources to itself including memory units. Hypervisor is controlling the resources & host processor & resources, alloting that what are need for each OS in return & confirming that guest OS do not disturb others. In most of the cases OpenStack development is done with XEN & KVM hypervisors. Both of them are very easy to install & free source for cloud deployment. It is stable to use for OpenStack & comes with ubuntu 12 Linux, it is the only reason why they are used for private cloud services.

Legacy Migration

Legacy server is often migrated with OpenStack using persistent volume that is migrated VM for persistent storage.

  • This function provides is same as manageability of benefits with running on infrastructure platform.
  • It involves basically 2 methods the one contains data from legacy server & the other ‘working’ as the way of work to maintain volume through migration process.   
  • The horizon dashboard is used to create volumes it should be large enough to store all files from legacy sys along appropriate growth & includes a swap space that is required.
  • The ‘working’ space was launched for the setup of new volume which has an instant access & security.
  • The ‘volumes’ are attached to the working instance. To synchronize the files in between legacy sys & new VM, rsync is used.
  • Tool advantages:
    • The tool can resume where it is left over and can throttle so that data is shifted to new volume without any impact with the performance of legacy server.
    • Openstack allows firewalling, so it is better setup a security group of VM that allows expected traffic to reach the server.
    • This is done with access and security of horizon. Confirming that when change over that newly created bootable storage works as expected.
    • Once created the VM, the volume can be unmounted from working VM, power down the legacy server with new VM sys finally launched.

Cloud Security Measures

OpenStack cloud services are made virtually invisible for hackers by Dome9 & it provides security over firewall close ports like SSH & RDP, enables secure access by just a click. Automation with Dome9 central for centralized policy management could be done.

With the SaaS services for entire cloud Infrastructure including intra & inter groups security rules gives more flexibility.

It takes less time to cloud connect. It provides OpenStack supported spaces of region for instant credential access and gets connected to private cloud through API to manage security groups.

Common Questions on OpenStack Security

Is Open source projects targets for breach

We have no reason for believing that open source has more risk than protected software.


A research team conducted vulnerabilities of open source with latest technologies and came to know that a security defect for each 100 lines of code by supporting the IBM stance with open source has few defects when compared to commercial software. Giving public access of source code for review.

Support For Organization deploy OpenStack

OpenStack is a good place to start in marketplace including services, products & distributors avail in you nearrer places. Whether it is a inhouse or commercial it has to follow the guidelines of OpenStack. I provides experiences of operators who have run the services for a long run of 6 months and more than that.

How to get updates & patches if there is a security issue

Continuous development & testing of the fixes and they are distributed by the distributors, which includes security fixes with OpenStack major releases. It happens twice a year & users can download and fix the issues with appropriate repository by making sure that prior 1 fixes are done.

Community Support For Security Issues

There are several developers in the team, who share the knowledge of outbreach & associated patches. By providing appropriate security patches for firms that are in need.

Private Cloud Services For Healthcare

OpenStack for healthcare is a good fit. For securing the data of several services included in hospitals & can be accessed from anywhere online. The ability of scaling the data stored & provide data analytics for hospitals makes ideal among cloud services with private spaces each.

There are several OpenStack providers around us Mirantis is one of them it has released a case study about Openstack implementation methods in several multiscale Health care centers. Multiscale Healthcare Centers is a combined venture of Providence & CODONiS Healthcare Services for virtualization, of application development, performance computing & disaster recovery.

It is required to build a high-reliability platform of healthcare & life sciences for computing of Multiscale cloud technology for high availability cloud data storage & computing for research & clinical customers. Going through several open-source & commercial clouds with virtualization options MultiScale came to OpenStack. Staying away from merchant secure was a key necessity behind the decision, alongside help for on-preface and remote datacenter arrangements. Moreover, the adaptability of open source disentangled advancement of particular consistence, security, protection and review approaches.


As per the discussion over the use cases OpenStack Cloud OS is free to use. Most of the time OpenStack is self-supported & most of the companies acquire support from 3rd party firms. The average no of 93% of it is less in cost compared to other private cloud supporting services.

The usage of EHR(Electronic Health Record) is increasing now a days for the ease of use, security, virtual storage & instant access OpenStack is the best choice.

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