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Local SEO: A Guide for Google Maps Marketing

Google map is one of the most popular apps that’s being put out by Google over the years and arguably one of the most important too. They have spent ample time improving this app regularly, and they keep bringing out different updates and upgrades, which makes it a very user-friendly app with an excellent interface. Lots of people all over the world use Google maps every second of the day; without it, most people will be losing their way very often. It has a very active GPS.

With the number of people that use Google maps daily, it makes it not just an essential directional tool but also a place that poses an opportunity for marketing and one of the best marketing tools you can find around. We are here to show you how you can use this fantastic Google tool for marketing purposes, and we assure you that after going through this, it will be one of the top things on your To-do list. Here is a guide on how you can use this digital haven for the marketing of just about anything.

Marketing on Google Maps

This refers to you marketing your products and services using Google maps, putting your work and expertise out there for more people to see, having a more extensive range, and the ability to reach lots of potential clients. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, you too can use this platform for advertising yourself and your business, as described by Chad Kimball.

Unlike other apps, Google maps marketing helps direct you to a particular location where you will find more people that may be interested in what you do or vice versa. Other tools may direct your sale of umbrellas business advert to a place where it is hardly required, but Google maps will put your umbrella advert in a location where rain is expected regularly. That is how effective Google maps marketing is.

Location-based marketing

With Google maps marketing, people around you or people within your vicinity will be more likely to hear about you and see you. Their search results will be based on proximity to your business, so expect a lot of patronage around you when you choose to go for marketing on Google maps. Google map results are categorized based on the user and searcher’s location, so when you decide to go for marketing on Google maps, more people around will know about you, and isn’t that the dream of every business owner?

Users with their location not enabled

You may imagine this is a turn off as not many people have their phone location turned on but rest easy as this does not in any way a disadvantage. Even with users’ location turned off, Google maps can still show them your business using the “ranked Google maps results” you can determine your business website rank on

Google suggests

This is a marketing strategy where Google maps suggest to its users to try to patronize businesses around them. When they search for a particular product or services, Google “suggests” to them a location that is quite close to the site where the users are—-while making these searches. Your business can be suggested to users also when you begin to market yourself, your expertise or your products to the app.

Google “near me”

You may have seen this option when you did your last search on Google, it is another effort by Google maps to show you businesses that you can find very close to you, it practically suggests that you use their maps to find business and services that can be found near you. Imagine how many clients and customers you can reach if your business is added to Google’s “near me” option.

“Google My Business”

This is a tool that allows business owners to lay claims on listings for their business when it comes up in searches, this means not only will users be able to see your business, they can also find you based on the address, phone numbers, your opening hours or your customers that have been put up.

Specification of areas

With Google Maps, you can simply specify the areas you can work in. This eliminates users from other parts of the world contacting you, and it gives you the ability to focus on your immediate business ground zero, especially if you are into food delivery business.


There are other more essential guides and reasons why you should consider using Google maps to market your business, and though it might take a little time to improve visibility, we assure you that it is one of the best decisions you can make for your business.

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