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Tips to Help Your Tech Company Improve PR

In many situations, tech business leaders don’t know PR’s important when trying to build brand awareness for a new service or product. While you may have developed a service or product that will positively impact how people live and work, they may overlook a simple fact. Many consumers find it difficult to understand technology.

Regardless of if you have released a new app, offer great terms for a solar PPA, or something else, it is your job to develop effective PR strategies to inform and educate your target audience. If you need help with this lofty goal, keep reading.

Leverage Trending News

Something you can count on is the growth and innovation in the tech sector. Because of this growth, modern technology is becoming more and more embedded in modern life. For most people, not a day goes by when you don’t engage and use technology in multiple ways. When new technology is released or when technology profoundly impacts someone’s life, the mainstream media is there to tell the story.

This interest in technology is something you can use to your advantage. Pitch reporters about what your company has created. You can also find ways to ensure that your news aligns with trends that are already being reported. The goal is to widen one of their previous story’s scope and to find and examine new and broader trends.

Keep the Messaging Simple

You need to remember that your technology’s potential buyers want simple, straightforward answers to any questions they have about your service or product. Reports are looking for the same thing. The goal is to add value by providing information that helps with decisions.

Remember, reporters are busy. They are searching for high-level information. If you use technical jargon or complicated language, you will alienate the journalists that cover the industry. When presenting a pitch to the media, be sure to stick with the five Ws and the one H of journalism (who, what, where, when, why, and how).

Focus on Consumer Benefits

As mentioned above, keeping things simple is a must. However, it is often forgotten as some tech companies want to highlight all the technical details of the service or product they offer. Rather than focusing on the meaningful benefits the target customer would care about, they focus on information that seems important (and that may be important) but that the average person will not understand.

Your customers are searching for solutions when they have made it to the point where they want to buy a service or product. This means that you have to focus on your customer’s pain points during your PR outreach efforts. Be sure to explain how what you offer is going to improve their lives.

Use the Human Element

Behind each new purchase is a person. Every person has a unique story. Even the most complex technology will have some type of human element to it.

When creating a pitch, be sure to show why and how your service or product helps your consumers. A reporter knows that their viewers or readers will relate to a story that has a human touch.

Use Data to Back Up Your Pitch

There’s no story about a tech service or product that will be complete without data to help validate market interest. Each year, hundreds of thousands of new products are launched. Each company is trying to gain attention from editors and reporters.

You can set your company apart by providing the media with real customers they can interview. You can also provide data that shows there is customer demand for what you offer.

With the right PR strategies for your tech company, you can feel confident that your product or service is seen and purchased. Keep this in mind to help your tech company continue to grow and develop. Doing this is going to help ensure you are successful now and in the future.

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