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Most common myths about online casinos

We are living in a world full of myths and superstitions. Every walk of life is full of people with different beliefs, superstitions and conspiracies and it’s not uncommon to come across different myths in the online casino industry! However, unlike in the past, where most of the bettors put so much faith in most of these superstitions, they know that they are not only untrue, but they are also unhelpful.

The belief in the myths and superstitions has slowly been out-phased as they’ve lead millions of players to act in a certain way, which has made them lose millions. Several articles have been written regarding the same, but we thought you’d like to read it from the experts. This article covers most of the common myths at the online casinos. By the time you are done reading it, you’ll have learned and known what not to believe while playing online.

Card Counting is Illegal

The first time card counting became popular was after Edward Thorp published his best seller book Beat the Dealer in 1962. The book basically covers different topics related to Blackjack including all the rules of the game, tricks and tips to cheat your way through the casino – including card counting, and different winning strategies.


The truth of the matter is after publishing the book, most of the players were able to use the tricks and tips to their advantage, including celebrated actor Ben Affleck. This forced the casino to make some changes including the introduction of several decks so as to make card counting difficult (if not impossible).


Common myth is it’s illegal to card counts at the casinos! It’s however not illegal to count cards, though the introduction of several decks makes it difficult for you to hide the fact that you are counting cards. If the casino suspects you are doing so, you’ll be refused admission and perhaps banned from visiting the casino/site.

Cold Video Slot Machines Will Become Hot

Yes, they will. And no, they won’t!

All the video slot machines are programmed to win more game rounds than the bettors. If you are lucky enough, when you happen to win, some of the wins can happen to be fairly large, enough to keep you wanting to play more and more.

Is it possible for the machine to get hot? Well, this depends on how you want to think of it. If you want to think of the machine being hot, as the bettor being ahead at any point in his/her play, then yeah, that machine is pretty hot! You’ve won a 400 unit and lost 20 rounds each costing you 4 units. Wow! The machine must be hot!

Is it really? It all depends on how you think!


The bottom line is if someone sees you win successively on a single machine, they might think the machine is hot! If they try playing on it, they might fail to register even a single win. Therefore, it’s worth mentioning if you are not winning, you might think the machine is cold, but if you are winning, you might think it’s hot!


If you want to stand a chance of winning, always choose the hot machines!

Casino Games are Fixed!

This phrase has become so common that most of the bettors have started falling for it. It’s true to say that most of the slot machines have an average payout rate, but it’s not the same thing as being fixed. The same thing applies to Blackjack. While the game’s house edge is only very small, it’s certainly not big enough to ensure that the site always wins.

The online casino’s real strength is having a bankroll, which is big enough to counter the bettor’s considerably smaller bankroll. This cushions the casino giving it the ability to weather the storm of a bad run and ultimately emerge victoriously.


Casino’s create games where they win more decisions as compared to the bettor. This isn’t the same case as fixing the game. In fact, reputable sites never hide the structure of their games. You can always click on the ‘Fair Games’ button to see the different RTPs for the different games.


The house always wins. You can never beat an online casino website without cheating!

The cost of playing live casino games is high

The primary concern for every bettor every time they want to try a new game at any online casino is the cost. It’s not irrational that bettors should want to their bankroll to last them for as long as possible. However, according to a myth, the live casino games are very expensive and will only take up most of their money. After all, the online casino has to hire a set and a croupier, which increases the cost of offering the live games as compared to the software based game.


However, you’ll be surprised to know that the live dealer games are equally as cheap as software based games. In fact, at some of the best online casinos, they go a step further by only being cheap in terms of the minimum bet you can place, but they also allow for a far large maximum bet.

The bottom line is, I’ve played both the software based casino games and live dealer games, and I’ll recommend the live dealer games. The games not only give you an immersive land based casino experience, but you’ll also enjoy the games for the same price as the standard software based table games, and you’ll also get a much flexible betting range. What could be much better than this?


You’ll spend a few extra pounds playing the live dealer casino games which cover the expenses incurred in hiring a croupier and buying the tables

You can cheat while playing online casino games

On January 14, 1995, a lucky man by the name McNeal purchased 10 Keno tickets from Bally’s Park Place Casino Resort in Atlantic City. He picked eight numbers on each card, which surprisingly went to win when the results were announced, defying the odds of roughly 200,000:1. What could have been a huge day for McNeil, however, turned out to be a moment that would change how the results of different games would be determined!

Since the gambling laws of New Jersey require that any wins above $35,000 be verified by state gambling officials, the lucky winner was forced to wait until the officials came. Moments later, two state troopers arrived and he was forced to lead them to where he was staying so that they could verify a few things. This is when it was discovered that it was Ronald Harris, who was an employee of the NGCB, who had given McNeil the correct numbers to pick.

Apparently, Harris had used his position at the NGCB to replace the original keno code with his own so that he could be able to predict the outcome of the game beforehand. After being arrested, he pleaded guilty to four different counts of cheating. Since then, casinos from all over the world decided to use electronic machines that use a different source code generated by Random Number Generators to curb cheating incidents!


All online casino games results are determined using a software referred to as the Random Number Generator. This software generates numbers randomly, which correspond to a given outcome, making it hard for any player to predict the exact outcome of the game correctly. This makes it hard for both the casino and bettors to alter the game’s results in their favour!


There are cheat codes to different video slot games and table games that determine their result using software.

At the end of the day, online casinos portals are money making machines without rigging games or fixing the casino games. All they require is a small house edge, and a large turnover of bets and the cash will flow in. That is not to say that it will be easy to convince bettors who have been believing in the stories that they are nothing more than mere casino myths!

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