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Tips for Programmers, and all Learning-enthusiasts

Realising problems of our world and creating solutions, is a moral responsibility of every expert. Our world today is heavily integrated with technology, and programmers are justifiably, the modern wizards. Understanding and improving technology for a better world, is something that a coder should strive to do (Just my opinion!). But to do that effectively, you’ll have to improve your game first.

Every learner goes through a certain process and comes out with their own way of expression. In coding, what platform and language you pick should be based on aspirations you have for your future. Don’t go in a particular direction just because it seems comfortable at the moment. Think about what you hope to achieve by going after something, before you go pursuing it.


When you pick the path of learning, you open up a realm of infinite possibilities. Research, listen to peers who are on the same boat, contemplate, learn, plan and then, initiate.

While trying to research about habits of coders, I read a few blogs and came up with these points that I would like to share with you all. These are general points that apply to almost every field of learning-

1. Pay() Attention

When you begin, it is essential that you pay attention to the smallest details. Only when your base concepts are clear, can you effectively tackle the bigger problems. Paying close attention helps you in many ways:

  a) You start noticing that things make sense in a particular order.
b) You start to realise patterns, and then you start to realise varying levels.
c) After having the basic understanding of all the resources at your disposal, and the factors that control them, you can begin to maneuver them to establish your kind of order i.e. your own coding style.

2. Keep Track

It is important to keep track of all your learning. This way you can go back anytime to assess your logic to look at the problem at hand from a perspective of calm understanding. This is also helpful for thinking up abstract ways of looking at your problems. Revision deepens understanding, and opens up opportunities for creativity and innovation.

3. Think Abstract

When you have strong basic understanding, you can afford to think differently, without getting confused. Thinking from a new angle gives your mind a new way of coming up with a solution for your problems.

I, being a writer will like to explain this by giving you an example from my own experience:

Once while writing a song, I was stuck at a point where I was thinking up words to rhyme with the previous line, and I couldn’t come up with anything that would satisfy me. After wasting some time getting angry with the problem, I decided to go out for a walk. I met a friend on the way and in the middle of our discussion, he said something that made sense in my song’s context. I no longer felt the uneasiness I was feeling, couple of minutes ago.

Abstract thinking is basically your ability to make connections between two things that wouldn’t normally fit. But, your understanding of your area gives you the ability to make them make sense in your way. It is just like taking a break to come back with energy that can help with your work. But to achieve such clarity, you have to first exercise point 1 and 2.

4.  Mind The Language

When writing in a particular language, you should keep in mind, the parameters that govern it. There are obviously going to be hurdles in the way of complete understanding, but when you’re keeping track, you are going to fail in a new way to learn a new lesson, every time.

This will allow you to think steps ahead. To come up with ways to manipulate your style when the occasion demands it. Also, knowing the parameters of a particular language, makes switching languages easier.

5.  Be in the Zone, Once it’s on

Being in the zone doesn’t mean shutting yourself in a room full of screens and abundance of mountain dew and chips. It means, being focused in what you’re doing, regardless of everything else. That is state you can achieve anywhere, anytime. But it helps if you have a location and a setup that compliments your style. Be sure of what you’re doing and once you’re on, kill it.

6. Code! Code! Code!

Like any area of learning, your coding will get better with time. The amount of effort and time you put into it, will be the main factor governing your growth. Talent is great, but if you don’t give coding it’s due time, you’ll be stuck on the lower levels, till you do. You may still do good, but doing more will bring out the awesome in you.

Hope this helped you in some way or the other. Thanks!

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Aseem Ghavri is experienced mobile app development consultant & CEO at CodeBrew Labs Company, one of the world’s leading IT Company that develop mobile applications for global companies to helping them to get the most from emerging mobile app technologies.

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