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Tips to Stealth Vaping – A Quick Guide To Give Wings To Your Vaping Desires Secretively

Have you ever heard of stealth vaping? Stealth vaping is all about carrying your vaping desires in a secretive mode.

So are you someone who is planning to buy the first weed vaporizers for beginners to step into the world of vaping without letting others have a clue about your habit? Then stealth vaping is what you may be looking for.

Moreover, stealth vaping is not always about giving wings to your vaping instincts furtively; sometimes, it is all about respecting other people who may not like your idea of vaping publically.

So here is a quick guide on how you can start vaping without letting others know about your vaping addiction:

Take control over your actions

Stealth vaping is all about vaping secretly and not drawing others’ attention towards yourself. Hiding your vaping stories may make you behave in a weird manner, and all you are going to end up in is getting your vaping mission decoded.

An anxious and fidgeting person is more prone to grab eyeballs. Thus you should always gain control over your actions so that you do not let others sit with an eyebrow raised.

Picking on a stealth device

With vaping becoming highly popular these days, the market is simply flooded with numerous vaping devices. Ranging from sub-ohm mods to pod mods, there are multiple vaping devices that you can pick up for a perfect vaping experience.

But you need to know that sub-ohm mods are extremely powerful and have the capability of releasing bigger clouds accompanied by high noise. And, if you ate someone who wishes to stealth vape, then sub-ohm mods may not be the right choice for you.

Instead, one should go in for pod mods as these devices can help you vape undercover and are perfect for people who prefer stealth vaping.

Selecting the right flavors

Again, flavors are something that you will find in abundance and in multiple varieties when you enter the vaping world. And, thus, it is obvious that you might have your own personal and unique choice for flavors.

But if you wish to stealth vape, your favorite flavor may not be the right choice in such a case. Instead, go in for flavors that are mild and pleasant so that it does not narrate your vaping tales to other people sitting beside you.

Hold in the vape a little longer

Let the vape stay a little longer inside you before you exhale it so that you can be hideous about your vaping habits. Holding the vape for an extended period lowers down the amount of vape that goes and mixes in the air and thus disperses quickly.

So the inversely proportional relation between holding the vape and exhaling will help your vaping business less visible and noticeable to people who are around you.

Managing the clouds

As a vaper, you may feel excited enough to make those clouds out of vape, but you need to know even the smallest strains of clouds are noticeable. Hence, you should be an expert in dispersing the clouds before they actually travel all their way into the air.

For this, you can consider keeping a filter that can absorb the vape before it progresses in the air. You can also release the vape on a paper towel or your shirt in order to cut back on the amount of vape let out in the air.


Stealth vaping can surely help you carry out your vaping business secretly, but this may not keep you undercover at all times. Just take, for example, vaping at an airport, flight, or similar places; this can invite serious trouble if you are caught doing the same.

So despite all your stealth vaping goals, make sure that you always find a safe place to stealth vape.

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