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Types of Hosting You Should Know About

Web hosting companies such as Cirrus Hosting and other provide facilities that enable businesses to thrive in the virtual realm. The services they offer are not only available for businesses but for individuals as well. The categorization on web hosting varies depending on what you are checking out in terms of features. Some of the categories that one will come across include;

  • Shared hosting – this is a setting where multiple sites are hosted on the same server. The numbers could be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of them. All the domains registered to a given server share resources such as RAM, CPU space among others. This type of hosting is favorable for proprietors who are starting out and do not require large amounts of space to upload and store data. Tools available in this type of hosting are easy to use and come with plug-ins necessary to build up a site. Given the shared nature of a server, one’s website may experience surges affecting the user experience for persons visiting the site.
  • Virtual private server – abbreviated to VPS, this hosting imitates the dedicated server but it is in a shared hosting environment. This is for businesses and individuals who don’t want to invest in a dedicated server. More control is accorded to the site owners but high traffic can still not be accommodated. This type of hosting mostly attracts users who are familiar with how hosting is done and also want more control and installations on their site.
  • Dedicated server hosting – this type of arrangement allows one user per server at any given time. Admin and root access are solely given to the site owner. The control of the website in terms of operating and security are all granted to the business operator. All this is achieved by paying a higher price than the two discussed above. Better performance and high traffic accommodation are among the advantages of going with this option. Installation and maintenance of the server require a certain level of expertise that one should possess. If the site owner is not conversant with how all this works out it is prudent to contract a professional to help with the day to day running of the site after it has been installed.

The hosting options discussed above are among others that are available. Hosting can also be categorized with its pricing as follows;

  • Low budget – mostly as seen with shared hosting. Low prices are paid in for a variety of services that are enough to install and sustain a decent website.
  • Medium level – hosting plans available for this option vary from high-end shared to dedicated servers that come with additional software and plugins as well as control.
  • High budget/ enterprise hosting – monetary resources put into this kind of hosting are usually high and so are the amenities delivered. It may come with externalizing infrastructure which raises the cost of the entire venture.

Identifying industry terminologies used to describe the various types of hosting is inevitable if one needs to feel comfortable with what they are buying.

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