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5 Crucial Features of the Best Videography Cameras

Whether you are an amateur or a pro in video production, the need for the best camera to capture all the moments is an absolute necessity. There are various brands, designs, and models of videography cameras, yet one will always choose one over another. A common guiding principle is what you want the camera to do for you and this will be determined by the specifications of the camera.

If you are in video production, then you will agree with other pros that there are undisputed features that are necessary for a good video production camera. These features include:

  1. High resolution

The details count in videography. As the producer or the person behind the camera, you should be able to capture all the details or at least the most important details that stand out in a subject. This is the reason why the first question asked by a videographer shopping is ‘what is the camera’s resolution?’ You will admit that images and videos are ranked highly when the images are depicted in detail.

Some of the best cameras in the industry today have resolutions of up to 4096*2304. If you are a great photographer, then you know that this resolution is incredible.

  1. Ability to shoot in slow motion

Every videographer will admit that no camera beats a camera with a high resolution and one capable of capturing events in slowmo. Just about all videos and movies need incorporation of slowmo and the best way to do this is by having a camera capable of capturing such moments in real time. This also cuts down on post production edits.

  1. Formats

Video production involves capturing details as accurately as possible. The format of a camera determines whether the pictures and the videos appear professional or not. As a result, one or some of the best videography cameras and recorders come in Pro or 4K 12Bit Cine Raw formats. Such formats deliver the highest quality productions.

The 4K 12Bit raw formats ensure that the videos frame rates aren’t lost and all footages are of the highest possible quality.

  1. Speed

Even when shooting in slow motion and capturing details accurately, speed is essential. A good video photography camera has high speeds of up to 4K. The quality of videos and images captured by such cameras is therefore top notch.

  1. Internal storage space

For maximum recordings in real-time, storage space in the camera is crucial. Every videographer and photographer looks at the internal storage space. One of the best videography cameras such as Phantom has internal RAM space about 128GB. Such internal space and the presence of cinemags, about 2TBs ensure that all your shootings are recorded in real time minimizing incidences of missing footage.

In conclusion, the best video footages across the film and the photography scenes result from professional cameras with high resolutions, high-tech formats, slowmo capabilities, high speeds, sufficient internal and external storage space, and above all, a professional photographer with a keen eye to details.


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Greg Michaelson is an award winning filmmaker who has worked with some of the biggest production houses. He is also a feted photographer. Check out his blog to learn more on video production.

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