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Troublepad High Speed Camera to Improve Your Production Line

TroublePad is an advanced high-speed camera system that identifies the improvement areas in your production line. It can be used in conjunction with industrial monitoring systems that are employed by your line of production. This ultra-portable, high-speed camera system is intuitive and easy to operate. It was designed while keeping in mind its industrial maintenance. It will allow you to understand, diagnose and detect anomalies in your high-speed machinery as well as the production line.

The TroublePad is designed for industries that have production lines such as cosmetics, food, packaging or pharmaceuticals.

What are the advantages of this system?

  • This ultra-compact system is made up of a high-speed camera unit, a tablet with software that is pre-installed, a mounting bracket and a handy carrying case.
  • A few seconds is all you need to install it, which is possible even in the smallest of spaces. It is a complete mobile structure, credit goes to its highly directional and integrated LED. Thanks to its mobile function, no extra wires and power supplies are required for its operation. It can operate on its own for approximately two hours.

In certain instances, the need for a power connection arises while using TroublePad. This is exclusive to cases where an event that has to be captured could happen at any moment over the course of several hours or days.

  • The TroublePad is available with built-in software on a touch-sensitive tablet.
  • Its intuitive interface allows you to have complete control over your recordings and enables you to visualize images in real time. You can also see the history of footage, as well as enjoy instant replays at slower speeds to have a better understanding of the production errors that are otherwise difficult to detect by the naked eye.
  • The system enables the exportation of recorded videos in AVI format.
  • Given its intuitive feature, this camera will allow you to record some of your first pictures within minutes of installation.

The TroublePad can be described as a high-precision, adaptive and intelligent device that allows you to achieve optimal industrial vision.

It can be either used to complement an industrial vision currently in use or it can operate as the only monitoring device in production lines.

With the help of the TroublePad system, you can configure the speed of the recordings. This speed can range from 225 frames per second to 2500 frames a second. You can also create loop recordings that last for several hours.

The optional trigger box gives the system autonomy and control

The box provides you with various provisions which include being able to start and stop a recording, along with that you can also add markers to keyframes. In addition, you can also store seconds before and following a sensor signal.

Consequently, you now have a provision which enables you to save only the most essential images. Apart from that, the box helps you identify areas of improvement, efficient prevention of problems and figure out elaborate solutions for existing anomalies.

With the trigger box, TroublePad becomes an independent device wherein images are recorded automatically without manual configuration. It adds a new dimension to the system.

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