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​Why The Cloud Is Your Best Backup System

Even in the wake of a massive shift from onsite to offsite business data storage, there are still many who question whether online backup for business information is the best route to go. The truth is, even though you point to some advantages and disadvantages to storing data online, cloud storage is actually far more secure than most people realize.

We’ve come a long way since the days of disc-based backup only, and the cloud has many distinct benefits over and above any external hard drive. Here are the top 7 reasons why cloud storage is your best bet for business data backup:

1. Redundancy

Most cloud backup services store not just one, but three, versions of stored data in three separate locations. That means that unless three hard drive failures wipe out all that information at the exact same moment, which is highly unlikely to say the least, it remains safe. Even in the unusual event of this happening, that data can still usually be recovered within a few days’ time.

2. Versioning

The best cloud services offer “versioning” of files, which means that backups are kept for a time that preserve earlier versions of those files. This means that you can recover from accidental deletions and overwrites with ease.

3. Security

With a secure connection and information stored on remote hard drives, it’s not the cloud but your local devices that pose the greater risk to sensitive business data. The more you store off-site, the better. Since cloud services continually update to the latest malware, the cloud is optimally safe against hackers and viruses as well.

4. Recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery normally takes only minutes or moments when you use cloud-based backups. You don’t have to worry about losing data permanently because it was only stored on on-site machines that were destroyed or damaged.

5. Accessibility

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever. Need to save office space and let more workers work from home? Need employees who travel to have constant access from “anywhere” to important business data? The cloud is the clear answer!

6. Scalability

Another important advantage for small businesses that plan to grow in the years ahead is that cloud storage is highly scalable and flexible. You can choose as much or as little storage space as needed and then simply add more later. The cloud grows with you: it’s much more expensive and time-consuming for on-site IT equipment to do the same.

7. Cost-Effectiveness

Easily one of the top reasons why so many businesses are migrating to the cloud for backup and for other services is that it costs less overall. When you consider the costs of extra hardware and software that would have to be continually upgraded and of hiring additional IT staff, it’s easy to see that the large majority of business types and sizes are going to save money by using cloud technology.

If you want to retain advantages of on-site IT and hard copy backups for some files, there is no reason you can’t do that PLUS use cloud backup to get the best of both worlds. For backup, recovery, and day to day use, the cloud adds a level of security and efficiency that is simply too beneficial for businesses to turn a blind eye to.

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