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How to choose a mobile app developer

Hiring a mobile app developer is a step of great importance. Not paying too much attention to this process might cause serious troubles. Not only it can lead you to money and time loss, but you risk losing the most important thing ever – happy users. The truth is, if a person doesn’t like the app, most probably they’ll never come back.

A lot of people are wondering “How to choose a mobile app development company?”. We’ll guide you through the most crucial things you should consider when making choices.

Top 7 tips for hiring the best mobile app developers

Look for a partner, not a worker

Hiring a mobile app developer is not just choosing a worker, who can get the job done. The most important thing is to find a developer who is interested in making the project successful, not someone who offers the lowest price.

Real partners do their best to truly understand everything about your product. They have well trained and experienced team in app development. It’s not about layouts and buttons, the important thing for a partner is to get absorbed into the idea of an app. If the developer is willing to put themselves in your shoes, you can rest assured.

You have to look for partnership, not just workforce. This way you will benefit in much more ways than you would think.


Judge the book by its cover

You should look for a developer, who can offer you breathtaking UI. This will definitely grant your app good retention rate. Besides, decent UI/UX brings users joyful experience and they tend to use the app more often.

Simply check out the portfolio of a developer. Look for the eye-catching apps with outstanding UI.


Choose someone you can build a relationship with

Suppose you have two developers. One of them wants to get the job done as soon as possible, get the money and get out of your hair.

Another one is cherishing your project, because they know that their job is supporting your app in future. Which developer would you choose?

Find an experienced … doctor

Clients are looking for an answer to the question “How to hire a mobile developer?”. However a good developer is more like a doctor. They are experienced, so you better listen to professional advices they give you. You wouldn’t neglect your heart doctor suggestions, would you?

Hence you should look for developers, who can prove their experience. Choose the company that not only claims to have built stunning successful apps, but also can show that.


Communication is crucial

You can find an amazing skillful developer, however they might not deliver what you want. You would ask “Why?”. Simply because they don’t pay too much attention to communication.

One of the most important features of a good developer is their communication ethics. It is vital to keep clients in track, i.e. send periodical reports on the project. If you know what the situation is at any moment, you will much more likely end up getting what you want.


Think of the whole package, not just the coding

We recommend you looking for the companies that can offer you full-stack development, rather than independent developers who can only give you coding.

Unless, of course, you know people that could provide you with the rest of “the package” (i.e., design, usability and testing).

Buy cheap, buy twice

We all know this saying. But do we always apply it to our lives?

People are often seduced by low prices and sweet promises of certain developers. However saving a couple of hundred or thousand dollars is far less important than getting an awesome app. Don’t you think so?

Besides, if you do fall for low prices and end up with a low-quality product, you will probably lose much more money, than you saved. It is a well-known fact, that rebuilding a project often costs more than making it from scratch.

Look for a mix of moderate price and solid experience. Otherwise you risk losing not just money, but a much more important thing – trust of the users.



There’s no need to rush when choosing a developer for your mobile app. It surely is an important decision, which affects the way your idea gets implemented.

We hope that our tips will help you making the right choice.

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