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Poker AI Revolution [Infographic]

AI has a long history of defeating human players in games. IBM’s “Deep Blue” developed by Carnegie Mellon University beat chess world champion Garry Kasparov in their re-match in 1997. Google AlphaGo AI won the game “Go” by defeating leading Go player Lee Sedol. IBM supercomputer Watson beat two “Jeopardy” champions at their own game in 2011. But, did you know that AI recently conquered the very human game of Poker?

This is explored in a new data compilation by Poker Sites.

Two years ago a brilliant computer program was created by a team from Carnegie Mellon University, with the purpose of beating the best human Poker players of all time in the most difficult Poker variant called Heads-Up No-Limit-Hold’em.

Have you read the latest Poker news? Well, if you haven’t, here is a humble headline for you just to get the picture: “Libratus Poker AI Beats Humans for $1.76m”. Are you shocked? Don’t be, because just like us, humans, machines also use time in the favor of learning more and gaining more experiences.

It is just that in their case their experience comes with playing more than 10 million randomly generated Poker game situations. And one thing is different between us here. Machines learn fast, super-fast! So, it is natural that the Poker AI machines have managed to gather and analyze enough data from their playing experiences, in order to beat the money out of your pockets, humans.

And, even if Poker is considered a game of uncertain information, Poker bots know how to recalculate their algorithms as soon as new information is found. Genius, right?

You better be aware now, that the introduction of Poker AI is a real revolution in the gaming arena. Just like the recent major win of Libratus Poker AI proves, AI are coming after you and there is not a thing you can do about it. Actually, to answer a single question remains: Are humans done with playing Poker? Probably not, but the application of poker is proving to be a great tool for developing advanced artificial intelligence.

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