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5 Tips for Working Remotely From Another Country

This pandemic has had such a negative impact on our lives in so many ways but if you had to pick one positive way it has changed the world for the better, it simply has to be the impact it has had on the number of people who now know they can easily work from home. Initially, companies were worried that it would drastically decrease employee productivity but the latest studies show that it has done quite the opposite. If you are thinking about moving to another country to work remotely, here are 5 things you need to consider first.

1. Be Flexible

One of the most important things to know before you decide whether or not you want to live and work in another country is that you have to be flexible. You won’t always be able to plan your day and then stick to that plan, you might need to move around to find an internet connection if you plan on video conferencing or checking emails. You will also need to be mindful of the different time zones when you need to meet deadlines back at your company’s head office, depending on which country you’re in this could mean working late at night or during the early hours of the morning.

2. Check Out Internet Capability

Not every country has reliable internet, especially the ones where the cost of living is lower. Some countries, like Cuba for example, have no free Wi-Fi points – the only places with public internet access are the hotels and you will pay through your nose to use it. The most desirable tech jobs will require fast and reliable internet connectivity.

3. Health Insurance

Living abroad with no health insurance is never a great plan; the cost of healthcare there could end up bankrupting you before you even begin to start the new chapter in your life. The good news is that Canadian expat insurance is readily available for Canadian citizens who are looking to move to another country. This is a great idea because you might not be used to paying for healthcare at all and hospital bills would come as a highly unpleasant shock.

4. COVID Regulations

When choosing a new country to move to, it would be wise to check out their COVID regulations and laws. This will help you make an educated decision for your future because not all countries have been able to vaccinate their citizens as much as Europe, the USA, and the UK have. African countries, for example, are much further behind in this vaccination race.

5. Language Barriers

If you’re not good with languages then you need to be extra careful when choosing your new country. Many of the cheaper places to move to don’t have as many English-speaking people as one would hope for, so unless you are prepared to always use a translation app you need to look elsewhere for a new place to call home. Europe has the highest number of English-speaking people outside of the USA and the UK and, generally speaking, the more touristy places have the most language-friendly cities and towns.

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