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Top 3 Desirable Jobs in Tech

It used to be that people were terrified of the rapid advancement of technology. Films like The Terminator and Blade Runner depicted the future as an AI-controlled hell-scape in which humans would inevitably find themselves knocked down a few notches in the food chain by our machine overlords.

Now, however, most people are remarkably blasé about the continued encroachment of tech on our lives.

Very few people seem concerned by the selling of their personal data to private corporate interests from companies like Facebook and Twitter. Even fewer worry about products like Alexa or Siri, which have been known to listen in on conversations without being activated.

In fact, these developments appear to be strengthening the tech market, with more jobs popping up every year in the sector.

To help you weed through some jobs in the tech market, and decide if they’re a good fit for you, we’ve found three of the most desirable. Take a look and see if the tech sector is a world you want to be a part of.

1. Data Scientist

Data science uses complex algorithms and systems to divine facts, statistics and knowledge from data – and it’s become exponentially more useful thanks to information gathered online.

According to Future Learn, data science is one of the most in-demand jobs in the UK and USA, and in the six months to March 2021, there were 2,273 permanent data science jobs posted in the UK.

Want a job? Then become a data scientist.

One way to qualify: one of the best courses on the market today can be studied online, with a Data Science MSc at ARU.

2. Web developer

Web development is the beating heart of the internet. Without these technological wizards, the web pages you refresh every five seconds wouldn’t even exist.

It’s for this reason that web developers are always in high demand, whether in media agencies or major corporations.

So, if you want to see behind the curtain of your favourite websites, being a web developer could be perfect job for you.

One way to qualify: LinkedIn Learning has a number of great web development courses to help give you a taster of this complex but satisfying profession.

3. Software developer

Whether it’s putting out the latest app or finessing the user interface on a tried and true piece of software, becoming a software developer is the surest way to advance tech for the better.

More than any other job on this list, software development is also perfect for self-starters. If you’ve got a great idea for an Android app, for instance, you can develop it yourself, or pitch it to a larger company for support.

The field of software development is, then, as vast and as filled with possibilities as an artist’s canvas.

If you’ve got the creative urge and the technical savvy, then this is the job for you.

One way to qualify: The Skills Union offers amazing help for budding software developers, including one-on-one mentorship.

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