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5 Quick Tips on How to Improve Company Satisfaction

Every successful company is built on the foundation of employee satisfaction. It tells us how employees perceive their organization and the level of contentment they feel for their job. Moreover, as employees set the tone for a positive or negative customer experience, it becomes clear how important it is for businesses to work on and improve company satisfaction continuously.

With that in mind, this article explores the most convenient and quick tips that businesses of all shapes and sizes can use to improve their company satisfaction levels.

#1 Consider eco-friendly corporate gifting

Corporate gifting is a gesture of gifting valuables to employees, clients, or prospects to establish a connection. It helps your company maintain a healthy professional relationship and gain customer loyalty.

When it comes to corporate gifting, there are endless gifting possibilities, including gift cards, swag products from all sorts and kinds, and premium offerings, to name a few.

However, if you want to make an indelible impression, you should consider eco friendly corporate gifts. Sustainable gifts help reduce waste and embrace an environment-friendly lifestyle. That means they will not only create a long-lasting connection with the recipient but will also help you make a strong statement about your company’s values and beliefs.

#2 Secure an ergonomic workplace

Ergonomics is a scientific discipline that aims to reduce stress at work, prevent workplace injuries and improve employees’ performance. As a result, you should invest in ergonomic work equipment to eliminate discomfort and ensure that the work fits the worker.

Here are three critical aspects to help you start:

  • Office chairs with adjustable height, armrests, and backrest with a movable seat and inclination.
  • Desk with sufficient space for all working materials and their arrangement (at least 160×80 cm), straight table edges, adjustable height, and adequate leg space.
  • A desktop computer with swiveling, flicker-free screen, adjustable display brightness, positioned at an eye level.

#3 Offer flexible work arrangements

Allowing more flexibility regarding your company’s office hours and even your employees’ schedules improves employee satisfaction quantitatively. Various studies have reported many benefits, such as:

  • Increased company’s capability to attract, retain and motivate high-performing and experienced employees.
  • Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • High energy, creativity, and ability to handle stress.
  • Increased diversity and inclusivity.
  • Lower office overhead costs.
  • Positive impact on the climate.

The three most common flexible working arrangements include:

  • Flextime is a model where employees work a full day but can vary their working hours.
  • Remote work is a model where employees do at least some of their regular work from home instead or from a different location.
  • Leaves and sabbaticals – is a model where employees can use authorized periods away from work without loss of employment rights. Paid or unpaid leaves are granted for family, health care, or education reasons. Sabbaticals are fully or partially funded and occur in addition to vacation time.

#4 Improve internal communication and secure inclusion

Lack of information on changes and feeling undervalued often results in company dissatisfaction. For that reason, you need to keep your employees in the loop and provide the necessary tools to facilitate open and effective communication.

For example, making sure you share updates about changes or strategies that affect your staff builds trust across the business and allows them to feel more involved and included. In addition, actively use newsletters, chat apps, and communications platforms to help get messages out to everyone and encourage information sharing.

More importantly, you need to empower your team to share their ideas and think creatively. Employees whose input is encouraged and appreciated are four times more likely to be productive than those who feel underappreciated.

#5 Support employees in developing their skills

In an evolving global economy, the most successful companies adapt quickly and effectively, which is only possible if your employees keep their knowledge fresh, their skills sharp, and their confidence booming.

For this reason, supporting employees to develop their skill sets is another important feature of employee satisfaction. More than that, when you invest in your employees and give them room to learn and grow, it boosts their job satisfaction and increases work efficiency. An attitude of this type also signifies that you care and invest in their career development along with your organizational growth.

Having an individualized learning program and evaluating what type of specific training each team member needs is always a good practice.

The bottom line

Satisfied employees always put their best foot forward and work towards achieving the company’s goals. Once you understand that, you will put company satisfaction on your high priority list. And with the quick tips we offered you above, you will achieve the success you desire in no time.

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