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Can’t Afford a Web Designer? Try a DIY Website Builder

Statistica estimated that e-commerce will have generated over $322 billion in sales in the year 2016 alone. That’s why building your website is a strategic move that should not be undertaken lightly. For businesses with smaller budgets or limited amounts of time to devote to development, the prospect of constructing an online presence can seem daunting. Nevertheless, the key to entering the online world successfully is finding the right solutions for your enterprise. Thankfully, website building tools exist that can help you construct a professional-looking site very quickly. Other extra functions can turn your website into a full-bodied store.

What Do You Want Your Website to Accomplish?

Figuring out what you want your website to do might seem as if you’re giving obvious answers to an obvious question. You want to build and increase sales, of course, but the first and biggest question you must answer is how you’d like your site to do that. Your ideal solutions will differ by the nature of your business and the products or services you offer, along with industry-specific considerations and typical customer purchasing behavior in your target markets. Additionally, you should think about the types of extras you’ll most likely need, such as payment processing or lead generation.

E-Commerce and Online Sales

Businesses who primarily make or sell products will have an easier time discovering and planning objectives for their websites. A bakery, clothing store, bookseller or similar type of merchant may be able to integrate e-commerce functionality into their website. Even so, a website builder should have robust and sophisticated e-commerce tools that, for the do-it-yourself entrepreneur, are still simple to activate and use. If you’re a little lost about what your site should incorporate, several online guides exist, such as this Search Engine Journal article that lists 15 essential features for an online store.

In addition to e-commerce tools, having access to merchant services is also a plus. Your ability to move inventory does you no good if you lack the ability to easily accept and process payments. Writer Ryan Himmel for Entrepreneur recommends doing your homework when selecting a payment processing vendor, investigating important factors such as processing fees and how quickly your funds will be transferred. However, finding a web services provider that also offers merchant services can save you time, headaches and maybe a bit of green. Also, you should find a service that effortlessly communicates with your e-commerce setup.

Service Providers May Have Different Goals

Even if you’re a service-oriented firm, you need to consider the same question of what you want your site to accomplish. If you’re a freight transport business or a moving company, you may be able to offer online quotes. In contrast, if you’re a dentistry practice or an auto repair shop, you likely lack such capability due to the highly personalized type of services you offer. Like online merchants, your goals should include allowing your information to be accessible and read, but you also want to be readily reachable with tools such as online contact and quote forms.

Customizable Solutions for Each Business

Your online presence is a critical piece of growing your business. By now, you’re probably savvy enough to know that it takes more than simply purchasing a domain and hosting space, then tossing some content onto it. However, if you’re a startup or a small business with limited funds, hiring a consulting firm or a web developer might be out of your price range. That doesn’t mean creating a dynamic and attractive website is out of your reach. Finding the right service provider and selecting powerful tools puts the capability of crafting your online presence into your own hands.

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