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Video Marketing

Marketing for today has become so challenging that it seems like a war running between companies to stay in the industry. That is why marketers today trying to explore ways which are creative and differentiate their business from their rivals. Video has been evolved as a new venture for marketing in business world. It has become a matter of second to draw attention of people who are connected in online world.  As a marketer, you are always looking for unique ways to provide your customer high quality experience. Video marketing can help marketers much in this esteem of attracting maximum customers towards their business. Let us first know what is video marketing?

Video marketing is a type of internet marketing that requires a short video based on any content, topic, product or new innovation. You can use these videos in your marketing campaign to draw attention of customers. The primary advantage of video is that it requires less cost and can reach maximum people within short span of time. Small business can take the advantage by using videos for promotion with limited marketing budget. It just requires efforts and research on your customer that what they like to watch in video. Following video is an example of Beth forester Photography.

Following are few tips which you can use for video marketing:

Share Relevant Video

The video you are sharing should be relevant with your target audience because irrelevant content can disengage people from your site. This can only be successful when you conduct thorough research on your target market.

Use of Key Words

Use of relevant keywords for title can help in optimization of your website. Make sure to upload your video on social media sites specially YouTube, Facebook and Google Plus. These social media sites are the greatest tool to increase traffic on your website.

Add Entertainment

The content of the video should be informative and must have aspect of entertainment with eye catching images and styling. People remember brand that offer something extra and different, rather than being exposed to traditional marketing strategies.

Reflect Organization Culture

The video should reflect your organization’s culture and imparts positive attitude, this is very important to strengthen your positioning. In order to maintain goodwill, ensure that content and images present in the video, must be ethical. For example Volkswagen adopted video marketing strategy is amazing initiative that is one of the success stories. Volkswagen’s Greenpeace and Social Media campaign are the examples to understand how this video marketing can be used with creativity.

Share Testimonial

Sharing customer testimonial through video is the best way to give wow experience for your customers it can help in spreading good words about you. Testimonials are essential to build trust among your customers.

Customer Care & Contribution

One more effective way to use video for your business is to make use of video in customer care. Resolve any complain and objection by going live in front of customer. You can also ask your customers to share their uploaded video based on review about your product.

There will be much more progress and innovation in future of video marketing because of increase in use by companies. Try new strategies with the use of videos so you can never lose your customer. Finding out creative ways is better solution instead of fighting for a market share.


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Video Marketing 101: Using Video to Wow Your Customers

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