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Characteristics of a well-designed e-commerce store

eCommerce store design and development offer some unique challenges that every designer have to face with another type of we design. For stores that already exists to sell products, it’s very east to see at sales and have a measuring stick to use when evaluating the success of the website. However, there are a number of factors that can affect the success of an eCommerce store, and identifying areas of strength and weakness is not always so simple as we think.

In this article, i will cover factors that are generally present in well- designed eCommerce store. And choosing the right eCommerce service that provides best eCommerce store design.

1) Proper Navigation

When you try to sell products to the user, the first need for selling a product is that the user has to be easily found specifically what they want. Smart navigation is important to any eCommerce store, But it’s much critical for an eCommerce store. If you lost visitors you will lose sales, “so Every effort should be made to have a site with clear, logical navigation.”

eCommerce store frequently faces challenges with the site has not proper navigation feature. Because of, there are a number of products that are presented on the site. The Large website has to be especially careful with navigation because finding what user want will usually become difficult with more options. So, we have to test the How much average user will find the particular product. What makes sense to the designer site may not be the same path that the average visitor takes to find the product. User navigation observing testing is extremely helpful for identifying possible navigational issues.

2) Design match with product

The most focus of an eCommerc store should be on the products that are available in store to purchase. A design that is extremely for no specific reason will usually make bad effect than good,  as it will draw attention to the design of the site and away from the products which are actually our target. I suggest eCommerce site with the minimal design approach. Their sites have chosen keep the design simple so that the products don’t have to compete for the attention of visitors. As we see the big eCommerce website Amazon, Flipkart they have a simple design. Even Flipkart has only focused on the product. As we see that when visitors open product page and drag the page then only contain will drag product image will not drag so, they have more focus on the product.

3) Check out must be Easy

If the checkout process has too many steps or is confusing, a user may cancel to purchase. Usually, the checkout should involve a minimal amount of steps and should be as easy as possible for the user.

If the website asks the user to give their personal information, then it may avoid purchasing the product.

4) Branded

Many users reach in their purchasing decisions by the brand, And so the need to establish a strong brand in one of the important factors for both online and offline selling. In the Indian market, there are many stores that offer low pricing similar product but the ration of purchasing user from the brand store. In our case, if shop clues have sold the similar product which is on amazon. But most of the user move to the amazon because now amazon becomes a brand in the eCommerce world. And another thing we see that the store that sells online as well in the physical store, the site is only a part of an overall branding strategy. In these cases, the website should work well with other branding efforts of the company so that customer feels comfortable on the purchasing product from the website.

5) The design style matches the product

In eCommerce sites can have countless unique design styles. However, when designing an eCommerce site it’s important to consider the style of the products that we will sell on our store.

This factor is more effect when the store has an only specific type of product and for the website of particular brand or company that established a certain identity.

If the website design style doesn’t match with the particular product that is for sale, there will be a disconnect that exists and visitors may have a hard time relating to products. And it’s hard to take decision for the user if it’s right for them.

6) Showcases the most popular products

Many eCommerce stores make an efforts to showcase items are likely to be of interest to visitors, it’s obvious with the intention of helping a user to find something that they can buy. A number of sites are using large area on the homepage that they can use to promote current sales, new arrivals, Deal of the day, Rating product or whatever will generate interest. On this type of site, this areas will require to updated frequently. Many websites include this in slideshows for ex.

the site has 6 types of product slideshow in homepage.

7) Promotes related products on the product page

One of the keys to a successful eCommerce website is the promotion of a related product that the customer may also be interested in. For e.g if you store has selling laptop and when user will navigate to the product page it’s show related product as a laptop bag, laptop cover etc…. sometimes it will list and shown on product detail pages, and other times you will see suggestions being made after adding an item to your cart. I experienced in amazon. It does when we order some items at that time it will show that you may also like this product. Promoting the right products that buyers are likely to be interested in is most important factor.

8) Effective product images

Selling online is different than selling in a physical store because the buyer can’t touch the product and feel before making a buying decision. Providing quality images that help to overcome this challenges and can make the buying decision easier on visitors. We can also provide the angular images. The user can see the product from every angle so they easily decide how product look like.

9) Effective site-wide search

An eCommerc there is three clicks to reach the product. it’s best when the user reaches their product within three clicks. it’s only possible with effective search features. Navigation is critical for making it easy for visitors to find what they look, there is still the often to allow them to search. Sometimes visitors will have trouble to finding a specific product even site has good navigation, in larger e-commerce site it’s often to simply do a search than to move through several clicks.


Note: – If you want to build professional well-designed eCommerce store, you have to hire eCommerce developers

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