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5 Tech Tips for Event Planning

Event and meeting coordinators happen to be some of the busiest and hardworking individuals you will ever find in any industry. Their job is to communicate, plan, and create an experience that will ensure that the clients’ vision comes to life. Event planning takes on many forms. Apart from organizing what will happen, you also have to get the word out there to the target audience. One common technique employed by event organizers to get people to learn about an upcoming event is through the use of pavement signs for your business. It is a unique and one-of-a-kind approach to event planning.
Other tech tips applied by event organizers when planning events include:

1. Becoming Fast Friends with Data

Often, the decisions made by event planners are supported by data. While seasoned professionals have already found ways to do it, upcoming planners have to learn how to quantify the available data.

You can start by implementing surveys and experimenting with NPS. Ensure that your surveys go beyond seeking anecdotes and personal opinions. A great way to implement real effect would require you to utilize quantifiable metrics. These are metrics that will influence each decision you will make.

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Access to valuable data makes it easier for you to pushback against client ideas that may not prove to be worthy. With this information, you can inform a client why the reason they are proposing will not work for that event.

2. Creativity Is Needed

Organizer, check. Communicator, check. Artist? An event planner needs to deploy available resources into the design of the event. At the end of the day, you will find that experience matters a lot.

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You can remain creative by ensuring that you research events happening in the outside world to gain inspiration. Use your creative partners, e.g., designers, furniture suppliers, and entertainers more.

These are the people who will provide your event with its visual appeal. Try and challenge them to come up with something inspirational.

3. Start Thinking As Anthropologists Do

To manage an event in different city locations, you will have to start thinking like the people and culture in that location.

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Planning to organize an event in the City of Angels, get a grasp about its traffic situation. You have no option but to consider the demographic and natural makeup of the people who live in the city you are considering. Failure to do this will see you dealing with some serious oversight issues.

Before you select a destination, consider the message that a particular destination will send to the event participants. Get your CVB to work with you in tying up the theme of your event to the local community’s culture.

4. Pictures And Lots of Them

So if you have been working for months to ensure that your event will be a success. The event day is finally here, and it is time to see whether your efforts worked.

How will you know whether the event you organized and spent countless hours designing was memorable or lackluster? A great way to establish this is through the use of photos.

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Establish whether your event attendees have started to share photos. Make it possible for them to do this by creating a hashtag for your event.

Your event design needs to be in such a way that it encourages the participants to share online. For instance, you can always create a pop-up photo booth for use in that event. Photobooth hire is also a good idea.

Another good idea would be to have the Instagram logo appear in all sections of the event. The logo is by itself a call-to-action.

As you plan the event, pay attention to the fact that everything you use in that event will at some point function as a photo backdrop. Having used social media, yourself, try and look for visual elements that would motivate you to stop and take a selfie or group photo with other attendees.
Incorporate these ideas into the event design. These are the ideas that will help make the event memorable.

5. Use Feedback Tools to Remain on Track

Participants in your event may have some ideas they would like to share with you. So why not set up an official space where you can track feedback on a real-time basis?

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As you engage the people attending the event, try and prompt them to complete a quick survey on the satisfaction levels at the event. An in-app satisfaction survey will ensure that you do not find yourself taking part in a long conversation, while also ensuring that everyone gets to air their sentiments.

You can also use the information provided in the survey to personally follow up with all the respondents. Armed with the right tech tools, event planning should be a breeze to any serious coordinator.

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