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Bored In New Zealand? Here Are A Few Things That You Can Try To Keep Busy During The Lockdown.

Like most places in the world, the amount of Covid-19 cases in New Zealand is on the rise, despite the best efforts from the community and the Govt. This has surely been the worst pandemic that we have faced in this decade and to say that we were unprepared for something like this, would be an understatement.

While we are cooped up inside our houses in these trying times, you may have felt the need to do something until your favorite restaurants and cafe’s re-open. Fortunately, the lockdown restrictions in New Zealand aren’t that severe and we have already managed to flatted the curve of the virus. Still, social distancing norms are still intact, as there is still no vaccine for this virus.

So just in case you were bored or need something to do during the lockdown, here are 5 things that you can try.

1. Go for a Drive

While we know that going outside is the last thing that anyone would want to do right now, however there are few places that are as blessed as NZ when it comes to natural scenery. It should be relatively safe to go for a small adventure, provided that you don’t come into contact with people. So take your precautions, fill up the tank and go explore the sights of The Remarkables mountain range or visit one of the many beaches on the seaside.

2. Play Games Online

Yes I’m aware that this maybe one of the most generic that you can do while being locked down, however it might not be a bad idea afterall. There are a lot of games going on sale in online marketplaces like Epic and Steam, which can present you with numerous hours of fun, along with your family and subsequent friends that are stuck at home because of the lockdown. Also while we are on the subject of gaming, why not try your luck at nzd online casino MrBet or win yourself some real money pokies at syndicate australia? Its fun, safe and best of all you can earn massive jackpots while laying low on your couch.

3. Schools Online

For the concerned parent, NZ like the rest of the world has reverted to taking classes online. While getting used to this sort of schooling can be a hassle at first, but as the lockdown extends further, this might be the only way to keep upto date on the education and classes of your child. While we are on the subject of education, it needn’t be limited to children only, as adults too can benefit from self development classes that can be found online. It is a great time to improve ourselves as human beings and connect with the family.

4. Go Boating

This activity might be restricted to some people, since admittedly, not all of NZ live near open waters, however should you have access to some open water or the ocean, it is entirely possible to get boats on rent and take them to the water for a bit of fun. NZ is full of rivers which can be used as a getaway, if you are feeling a bit let down off late. Just make sure to avoid human interaction and maintain general hygiene if you do decide to go this route.

5. Get a camper van

This might best time to invest in a camper van, if you haven’t already. As mentioned earlier, there is literally no shortage adventure in this small island but, since tenting maybe prohibited, it would be a good idea to actually go camping in a camper van. It is much more convenient and a car would actually be better at shielding you from viral infections, as compared to tents or outdoor sleeping.


We kind of agree that there might not be a lot to do in NZ due to the lockdown, however that doesn’t really mean that you cannot stay busy. Perhaps the most important thing is to take care of each other in these times and avoid unnecessary human contact as less as possible. We can only hope that the storm will pass without a lot of casualties.

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