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Published on May 12th, 2020 | by Sunit Nandi


Will sex change after the lockdown?

As a species, we have basic needs we have to fulfil. In addition to eating and sleeping, sex also constitutes a fundamental element of our lives. Numerous studies and much research have been carried out into the benefits of an active sex life at any age, and it is a fact that preventative isolation can affect many people when it comes to not being able to go out and have contact with other people.

In the absence of a vaccine or a 100% effective treatment for the coronavirus, staying at home is the response most societies have adopted in order to contain the mass outbreak, whose rising curve has left many dead in countries such as China, Italy, Spain and the US.

Although it has not been shown that COVID-19 can be transmitted through sexual contact, the act itself does involve some actions that present a risk, both for you and for others. For this reason, many people have opted to comply with safety measures and stay at home, observing the indefinite lockdown until things can return to normal.

This doesn’t mean people can’t access ways to release this natural necessity, which is where technology takes on an important role. Social distancing has generated a varied range of reactions in society, and one of the factors that has been most notably affected is that of people’s sex lives. Online sex is being consumed increasingly more, online searches for call girls are on the rise in Mumbai, Barcelona, London, New York and many other important cities around the world; it’s a practice which has increased since the measures against COVID-19 were put into place.

Physical contact and human interaction are fundamental for men and women from every walk of life, and we know that not having that contact can have a negative psychological effect. In these cases, resorting to online alternatives may be a smart and innovative choice in a situation that could go on indefinitely.

The statistics show evidence of a substantial increase in traffic to dating sites, videocalls and downloads of apps for meeting people. This points towards many people having found a solution to make up for social distancing and the need for human contact with others.

Although some people are sceptical about this notion, at times like this, a phone, tablet or computer screen could do more for our mental and physical health than we could possibly imagine. It is a way like any other of connecting with the world and maintaining a little bit of normality in some of the activities we used to undertake before the lockdown began.

The goal of technology is to fulfil our human needs, from home delivery services through medical diagnostic tools to virtual sex service or sex videocalls. On the net there are resources for everyone, and it’s important to look into what extent this wave of users have achieved satisfactory results by using apps and platforms that offer digital pleasure.

Sex is an activity which, as long as it is done safely and healthily, shouldn’t be scandalous to anyone. The quarantine has led many people to develop this practice solo, although with notable new improvements, and practical tools like the hitachi magic wand and bondage accessories from that technology has brought has to significantly improve our experiences.

By using these platforms, users have the chance to contact people with the same interests as them and develop interactions that could generate very pleasant stimuli for the participants. This momentarily removes the barriers put up by the public health measures and gives the individual a boost to their mood and self-esteem, which is nourished by this kind of external stimulation.

This sense of closeness and realism is one of the factors which adds value to new technology for virtual and online sex, which has brought about a huge change to the format of traditional erotic content. The user becomes actually involved in the action, as the participants’ senses are stimulated much more effectively.

Online sex is not a new activity, but one that has existed practically since the internet’s inception. Man’s natural curiosity has led us to find ways to use this resource, which we have now begun to value much more deeply. It is no longer simply leisure and has become something indispensable for fulfilling a need; this is evidenced by the numbers.

Although nothing compares to human contact, some devices have arisen which boost the existing realism in virtual interactions and respond to artificially generated stimuli. Notable in this field are apps which enable you to control a vibrator remotely, and stimulate your partner even when you are far away from them.

The combination of stimuli of the different senses via sound quality, high definition and electronic devices, makes the experience much more realistic. But this is a double-edged sword, as humans become quickly accustomed to a routine. The question we must ask ourselves is: what will happen when lockdown ends?

Although sales of sex toys and hits on adult websites have exploded, it may be that the social impact is not so drastic. Some people say this can affect our capacity for socialisation, generating effects that will have to be treated at some point with therapy, or simply through a new process of adapting to normality.

One thing for sure is that this situation requires all of our cooperation, and digital technology plays an important role in how we do this. It is difficult to say what the future of sex will be after COVID-19, but without a doubt many people have found safe ways of obtaining pleasure online via websites and apps for erotic encounters.

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