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Has software products saved jobs during the pandemic?

Since technology has started to join our lives, people’s opinions were divided regarding its benefits in our society. On the one hand, we have that part of society that believes technology is a bad thing for people and will replace their jobs, and on the other side, some people design tech products, and the others consume and believe that tech is part of their life. So as long as you drink tech products in moderation like salt and sugar, it will probably save you time and money.

What people omit is the fact that significant innovations have been around us since the beginning of humanity. It’s called evolution, and we, as human beings, have to adapt. No one can steal what we have, and no AI will ever be able to recreate precisely humans’ rationality, abilities, and emotions.

Since the beginning of last year, people had known a twist in their lives when the Covid-19 pandemic muted all societies and countries. The biggest fear of people was what will they happened with their jobs once with the lockdown. For example, in April 2020 USA has known the most effective unemployment rate since 1948, almost 14.8%. But, on the other hand, some other people’s jobs were saved by technology and software products. Moreover, suppose before that, work from home was a privilege, and just some businesses adopt this procedure for their employees. In that case, every company must adapt and embrace what technology and digital can do to survive.

More and more businesses started to embrace digital and tech during the lockdown and get their best to survive. This strange period was the perfect context for people to understand that technology is here to help them and make their life easier. In one way, we can say that technology and software products have saved jobs and people’s lives. Remember all those commercials where people saw each other and loved ones through video calls to keep them safe and avoid contact? That wouldn’t have been possible without technology and software.

During the pandemic, people have been using many tools to continue working even from home, do their shopping, or maintain their professional relationships alive.  For all of this, people have been using technology and software products. Moreover, during those times, some businesses have seen the light. is one of them, and it was designed as a software aggregator where people can find honest reviews about software products and find out how they can improve their lives by using them daily. Moreover, Tekpon becomes the common playground where developers can meet their customers, understand their needs, and improve their products. Their reviews are based on user interaction, the real benefits of each tool, and its value for money. Thus, it is e great digital place where you can find match tools for you or a business.

Project Management Software products

An excellent solution for work from home is to have a project management tool. A product like this can help you organize better and be on top of your work tasks every day. Moreover, during the pandemic, it was the ideal place to gather your team and work together., Asana, Paymo, Evernote are just tools that you would find reviewed on Tekpon and will offer you a significant improvement in your workflow. If you own a business is a great help to have the big picture of what is happening and the ongoing projects.

Video conferencing platforms for meetings

Video meetings were an objective statement during the pandemic. But, even if we talked about video meetings with our loved ones or business partners, video calls had replaced face-to-face meetings and made it easy for us to connect. From interviews, team meetings, or even team meetings, video conferencing software products have faced an increase. Moreover, video conferencing tools have enabled many businesses to continue to operate by allowing employees to work from home and using these tools for meetings and updates and maintain the communication between them.

What were the most used tools for video conferencing?

We can start with GoToMeeting, which is a mobile-friendly app and provides audio and video conferencing, as well as screen-sharing. Another software product that has to be mentioned is Microsoft Teams, enabling users to schedule video or audio meetings with a single person or a team. Moreover, you can also organize webinars and extensive conferences with up to 10,000 participants. And, of course, Zoom; is impossible not to have heard about it. Not only does it provide HD video and audio, but it can support up to 1,000 participants at the same time and up to 49 videos on a single screen. However, such large gatherings are probably best suited to big-screen monitors.

Not even talking about eCommerce software products that helped many owners establish their digital shop and sell their products online during the pandemic. Or fintech companies like that designed a product to make the best decision regarding credits card. Or many other tech developers that offered their services for free to people and companies to ease their lives during those harsh times. We can say that technology was part of the solution, not the problem, and has represented an excellent help for people who have worked. Moreover, many people reoriented to digital and learned new things, thanks to technology.

Indeed, probably some industries have lost a lot of money and people their jobs, but on the other hand, the software industry has eased our lives through this period. But, others reinvented themselves and adapted to the digital ocean realizing that we, human beings, have to work together and with technology to make this world a better place, or seeing the last year, a safer place for all of us. So, probably the work from home trend will continue for some time, and people will consume even more software products, now that they have seen how much tech can improve their life and focus on family and things that matter the most.

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