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The Best Transport and Logistics Software

Often the transport and logistics companies usually have problems when managing their services, since they must have controlled many aspects and sometimes not only within national territory, but also abroad. Luckily, thanks to the digitalization of many processes it has been possible to manage the work better and to speed up all the procedures that must be carried out for the proper functioning of the company. But everything would be much easier without counting on adequate systems that will help us carry out all these processes in a quicker, simpler and safer way. In these cases the ideal is to resort to specialized software that is dedicated to provide all the tools we need to perform these tasks. Although at present we can speak of a large number of this type of systems that provide the best services, we are going to recommend three of them that we believe are the most complete available in the market and which the specialists should know.

IBM Enterprise Content Management

The first software we are going to refer to is IBM, a very complete and secure system whose main objective is to help all transport and logistics companies to manage a large number of processes. It is also a fundamental tool to face the continuous changes that occur in the sector and is a perfect system to offer improvements in security integrate into the globalized world and consolidate within the sector in which it operates.

We could highlight a large number of elements contained in the IBM software, but we will concentrate on the most notable aspects. We will begin by talking about the function that it offers in relation to the collection of documentation, since it carries out this process starting with what is known as “starting point”. On the other hand, it is an accurate and punctual system, in addition to being consistent, which are key pieces for the correct preparation and reception of forms or documents, among other things. Finally, a final point that we want to comment on this software is that it is capable of managing all types of corporate content, just as it is also programmed to store it.


If you dream of having an “intelligent factory”, SENLA is the warehouse management software that will help you achieve that goal. Its differentiating value with respect to other ERP’s in logistics is that with it you can easily optimize production, manage warehouses and bring a perfect logistics of your business.

The functions of SENLA include the automation of the production process, the obtaining of quality certificates, the detection of problems in the chain of command and even the traceability of raw material costs. In addition to all this, it also provides other functionalities regarding administration and finances. SENLA is excellent logistics software.


The second software we are going to talk about is SAP. In this case, the services that it offers will contribute a greater value to the company’s management and also helps to simplify the processes that we must carry out within the business. SAP is one of the most used by transport companies, although this system is also aimed at providers of logistics services or other hospitality services, so its use can be multiple. Thanks to this system we can automate all kinds of processes, from execution to monitoring even of the facilities that are necessary in relation to cargo transport. All this can be done both for the national territory and for the international one. In addition, SAP has very complete tools to carry out logistics management, as well as to cover additional services, including finance.


Transics is the third and last software to which we are going to make reference. It is a system whose specialty is to offer transportation management systems, providing a comprehensive platform where multiple tasks can be carried out. Due to all the tools offered by this system, the processes carried out are much safer and are significantly faster. It is a fully automatic system and among the tools that we can highlight the software we find those that help us manage the load, others for distribution and orders or even to control the trailers and vehicles.

These are, as we said, only some of the programs that experts should know to be aware of the latest market trends and to provide their companies with the best solutions. However, the transport and logistics sector is evolving and little by little it receives new options that stimulate the work within it, thus helping the results to be more and more satisfactory as they are more personalized according to the needs of each business.

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