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Best 6 CRM Software For Small Businesses And Startups

If you are an entrepreneur who has just started a new venture or are part of a small business that is on a growth trajectory, chances that you are looking for a CRM software are super high! Customer relationship marketing tools can set a firm foundation for your business and ensure that you set the pace right for client interaction.

There are tons of diverse CRM software available in the market – the million dollar question is how to choose the perfect one? Well, for starters, you need to be certain about your long-term objectives so that you can evaluate various service providers on predetermined criteria. Some important benchmarks that you may want to consider could include pricing, ease of use, reviews, novelty of features and after-sales support.

Investing in the best CRM software may seem to be a daunting task for small businesses, as a wrong decision could lead to colossal damage and a low return rate. So to help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the 6 best CRM software platforms in the market. Take a deeper look to find out which system meets your business needs and will be a perfect fit:

  • Zoho CRM: Definitely one of the most popular CRM software in the market, Zoho CRM is an ideal choice for new business ventures. It is designed to aid in contact management, capture more leads and enhance conversion rate. Zoho CRM has an intuitive interface, provides excellent support and is highly user-friendly.


  • Customer analytics and business forecasting
  • Contact management
  • Email marketing/SMS marketing
  • Lead management
  • CRM dashboard
  • Email templates
  • Social media management
  • Salesmate: A highly recommended and popular CRM software, Salesmate is packed with an impressive array of features that can help any small business. It is an affordable platform, and built-in calling is its USP – meaning that users can make client calls without leaving the system. Salesmate can streamline all marketing processes and lead to a significant positive increase in all major bottom line results.


  • CRM and sales reports
  • Document management
  • Email integration
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales quotation management
  • Mass Email generation
  • Contact management
  • Freshsales: An innovative CRM system, Freshsales has a navigable interface, and is well known for its simplicity. It has an in-built telephony system, thus allows users to get in touch with customers directly. It is an economical option for start ups as it provides a plethora of features and many integrations that can help them grow effectively.


  • Lead scoring
  • Activity tracking
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Smart analytics
  • Contact management
  • Email sync
  • Built-in calling and text options
  • Insightly: A powerful CRM tool for small businesses, Insightly is simple, flexible and has a smart dashboard for analytics.It has integrations with Office 365, Google Apps, and all major social media sites, making it a convenient and comprehensive platform for startups. Insightly also has a built-in project management system that can help in managing deliverables better and lead to increased bottom line results.


  • Lead routing
  • Workflow automation
  • Inventory management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Document management
  • CRM analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Pipe Drive: A web-based CRM software that focuses on lead management, PipeDrive has gained immense popularity due to its intuitive features and user-friendly interface. It is a good option for start ups and new businesses as PipeDrive has over 100 integrations that make things easier for all kinds of functional teams. It handles all major activities related to customer management, and keeps vital data accessible in a unified place, making it a must-have CRM solution.


  • Sales tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Application and email integration
  • Workflow integration
  • Lead capture and segmentation
  • Sales forecasting
  • CRM analytics
  • Email templates
  • Salesforce: A leader in the CRM market, Salesforce is a dynamic CRM software that drives productivity in all kinds of organizations. It ensures sales force automation, and has a number of advanced features that aid in better customer relationship management. Salesforce is a perfect system for new businesses as it has much built-in integration, and is extremely user-friendly, hence does not have a high learning curve.


  • Contact management
  • Cloud computing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Lead generation
  • Email/SMS marketing
  • Product database
  • Email integration

The best CRM software for start-ups and new businesses should be affordable, and offer superior intelligence on leads and prospects. This will enable budding organizations to compete with larger players in the market and give them a strong competitive advantage.

So do not delay getting the best CRM platform for your growing organization – it can make a world of positive difference and help your organization increase its bottom line results exponentially!

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