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5 Key Things to Consider For Instagram Automation

Instagram seemed like just another in a long line of social media apps when it started. To the typical person, the convenience of sharing your life through stylized photos, videos, hashtags, emoji, and pleasant words still feels mundane and pointless. However, Instagram has found its way into being a revolutionary pop culture phenomenon and marketing tool. So much, so that huge corporations have started seeing it as a powerful marketing tool, especially to the tech survey millennial generation, that they offer massive cash endorsements for accounts that have a large following and that influence opinions and purchases.

If you want to make it big on Instagram, you have to create content that gets people talking and amass a large follower base. You also need always to create new content while continuously engaging with your massive audience. Doing both at the same time is quite tricky if you have no bucks to hire a PR firm. Automation is one of the ways to go about it and here are a few considerations.

1. Direct Hashtag Targeting

Hashtags have a vital part of any Instagram post; they connect your post to a network of similar hashtags. They align diverse groups of people with similar interests and are easy to search on Instagram’s search bar. No matter how great your posts are, if you ignore hashtags, you are isolating yourself from this network. There are tools like Keyhole that help you in identifying hashtags relevant to your target audience. Creative descriptions mixed with hashtags targeting relevant audiences are a vital.

2. Automatic Following Liking and Unfollowing

The most important thing for any Instagram user is to amass as many followers as possible quickly. The automation in this regard is meant to mimic human behavior with regards to social media interaction. It goes into a targeted follower’s account, likes their page and content: to the point of making them follow you back. Once the sought out follower, follows you back, it goes back into the account and unfollows them.

3. Direct Message (DM) Sending

As the song goes, it goes down in the “DM.” Direct messages are a way to stay close to your followers and get feedback. You can then work on the recommendations of your followers to create content that betters their experience. It works by sending messages for pre-typed templates to your loyal subscribers, new followers, and users on your contact list. This feature promotes loyalty while giving valuable data that can be used to help you pivot your business to a position of more significant influence.

4. Scheduled Posting and Comment Tracking

As an unwritten rule of thumb, most users soon unfollow accounts that seem to be dormant. Sometimes there is little time to create content or there might be other things besides your work that demand your attention. You create content for future posting this can include anything from; descriptions, hashtags, photos, pinned locations, tagged followers, even emoji then set them up in a way that they will post on a future date. This can help you plan your Instagram posts for weeks or months in advance.

Instagram has started cracking down on spam and other suspicious activity that automation creates. Comment tracking helps you directly engage with your follower’s interaction on the comment section of a post instead of having to go down into the “DMs” reply to their feedback or blast their accounts with useless spam. This feature is set up in a way that it uses buzz-words and blacklisted words to filter through your user comments for feedback that can help you better your core business and enhance you follower’s user experience, while avoiding spam.

5. Instagram Bots Bring It All Together

Posting, following, liking, commenting, unfollowing, these are all the mundane and repetitive tasks that you must do to keep your presence relevant. An Instagram bot can come in handy by doing all this work for you thereby growing your Instagram following. They like photos based on predetermined biases like locations, usernames or hashtags that you predetermined. So hypothetically speaking if a bot can auto-like 200 pictures in an hour and get 20% follows back, that’s 20 new followers every hour and 10,000 per day. The drawbacks are that there is a high possibility of getting followers who are not interested in your content and users might notice that bots are creating your generic comments.

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