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How Will Wearable Technology Impact Home Security?

Without a doubt we are now living in the age of technology and it seems as though every single day the gadgets we use in our day to day lives are evolving. One of the latest advances that is gaining traction in our society is wearable technology like smart watches and the like. These watches are like tiny little computers attached to our wrists. With a growing number of apps being released for these devices it seems as though there is nothing that they cannot do, but what kind of impact is wearable technology having on our home security systems?


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Home security systems are already being integrated with smartphones and other mobile devices with companies like ADT offering full home automation via mobile devices.  You can learn more about ADT by paying a visit to their website. This mobile integration has allowed users remote access to their security systems in a whole new way. It makes perfect sense that the next step would be to offer that same integration with wearable devices to offer yet another layer to our home security systems.

How Could Wearable Tech Be Used With Home Security Systems?

This type of integration between wearable technology and home security systems is still very much in its infancy so it is not possible to say with any certainty what sort of features could be integrated. However, we can discuss the potential that is there and suggest some viable features that could be incorporated into smart watch apps put out by security companies. Just a few of these potential features could include the following:

  • Smart watches could be used to disarm home security systems using near field communication (NFC) so that when you enter your home instead of having to fumble with your bag and keys to enter your code you would simple be able to wave your wearable device over a sensor near the door.
  • Your wearable device could be configured to offer real time alerts when you leave the house. For example, if you leave your house without arming the security system you would receive an alert asking if you want to arm the system remotely. Geo-fencing could be used so that this is triggered when you and your device leave the immediate area of your property.
  • Additional features such as a garage door opener could be incorporated into the security system allowing you to tap your smart watch as you turn into your driveway so that your garage door opens.
  • Like some of the smart phone apps already on the market, apps built for wearable technology could offer an at a glance feature allowing you to take a quick look at your home security system at any time with just the touch of a button.

Why Is Wearable Tech Any Better Than a Smart Phone

Arguably, many of the features that have been mentioned above could also be achieved using a smart phone or other mobile device, so why would having them on a wearable device be any better?  The answer if fairly simple. Your wearable device is pretty much attached to you. This means that you do not need to fumble in your pocket or purse for it. It also means that there is less chance of it being lost and stolen.  If you lost your smart phone which had the ability to disarm your home security system then you could be leaving your home vulnerable to a break in, but with wearable technology there is less risk of this happening.

There is no doubt that wearable technology is set to have an impact on the security industry as a whole and in terms of home security systems it is sure to offer users the chance to interact with their system on a whole new level.

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