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The Impact of Technology on Manufacturing

Technology has impacted every sector of our existence, and manufacturing is no exception. These technological developments have come into play to make processes more efficient; however, not every single effect of evolving technology is a positive one. Detailed below are some of the most prominent impacts that technology has had on manufacturing companies, such as Bison Products.

Safer Practices

Perhaps the most important reason for optimizing technology is to introduce additional safety measures into production practices. This can be achieved as machines are able to fulfil roles that are dangerous for people. As a result, the risk of injury is reduced. Similarly, technology can be employed to detect risks and create safety precautions.

Better Consistency

As far as people are concerned, creating identical products is almost impossible. For machines, though, automated technology means that every single item produced will be exactly the same. Ultimately, the use of technology in manufacturing eliminates human error from the process, allowing for consistency across all products.

Supply Chain Optimization

Every step in the supply chain can benefit from technology. This is especially true of a delivery schedule. A solid delivery schedule is essential to producing a suitable amount of products within a reasonable timeframe. This is vital to creating and maintaining a solid customer base, which is imperative for any manufacturer.

Production Time Reductions

Machines can work faster and more consistently than humans, meaning evolving technologies reduce production times. Technology allows for batches of products to be created rather than singular items in a one-by-one fashion. While production times are radically reduced, this doesn’t mean that quality has to suffer; in fact, quite the opposite is true.

Price Reductions

Due to the reduced amount of time and staff needed for production processes, the cost is also heavily reduced. Additionally, machines generate less waste than humans as they’re not prone to error. Once the initial costs are out of the way, technology allows for much cheaper practices.

Optimized Quality

The final benefit of technology in manufacturing processes is that it helps guarantee that top-quality products are being produced. In some cases, human interference can result in errors that aren’t as common with machines. For instance, scheduling can result in fewer defects and inefficiencies.

Machine Breakdowns

One setback of technology in the manufacturing process is that machines can break down, especially if they’re used frequently. This can result in expensive repairs and reduced productivity. To that avail, machines need to be regularly inspected to ensure they’re running smoothly.

Negative Environmental Impacts

In most cases, more machines mean greater fuel consumption. This contributes to the carbon footprint, which isn’t desirable for any company. In fact, manufacturers should be looking to go in the opposite direction and become more environmentally friendly. As a result, technology’s role in manufacturing may need to be reassessed.

Increased Outright Costs

As previously mentioned, machines have a large upfront initial cost. Therefore, manufacturers must be in a financially secure place to invest in these machines. That said, this is a small price to pay when considering the cost-saving possibilities in the future.

Creativity Limitations

Machines are programmed to function; they don’t have intuition, and they don’t have creativity. As a result, manufacturing technology can limit innovation opportunities, as machines won’t search for ways to optimize the process; they’ll simply do what they’re built to do.

Fewer Employment Opportunities

Last but not least, with machines fulfilling a number of duties that people used to do, employment opportunities are reduced. Despite this, it does reduce low-value jobs and leaves room for individuals to get the more high-value jobs. Therefore, technology is somewhat of a double-edged sword in this respect.

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